Teen photog unveils first show of travel pictures 2
Angelo Liwanag's photograph entitled "Time"

Snapshots of a 17-year-old’s wanderlust

Avellana Art Gallery presents “The World through Privileged Eyes,” an exhibit of photographs by teenage photographer Angelo Liwanag
Lito B. Zulueta | Nov 02 2021

Angelo Liwanag eponymously embodies his passion: photography and travel. Only 17 years old, Liwanag makes use of the technology of light that is photography to record his travels in climes sunny or not so sunny, in multiple geographies that continue to expand his young horizon.


The record of his travels is documented in the exhibit, “The World through Privileged Eyes,” at Avellana Art Gallery in Pasay City. Ranging from an A3-size print to a nearly two-yards-wide one (the biggest), the photographs were taken in San Francisco, Osaka, Nara, Tokyo, Boracay, Batangas, and BGC in Taguig.

The sights are “captured with interesting angles, textures and hues, his vision and sensibility giving depth and meaning to snippets of subjects perceived through his camera’s viewfinder,” say the exhibit notes. “As we immerse ourselves in each piece, we lose ourselves in the familiar stirrings of wanderlust, reminding us of journeys past in wistful reminiscence and a smoldering desire to do everything all over again.”


The photographs show contrasting images of cityscapes and seascapes; busy city denizens, children at play, and deer in utter stillness seemingly taking in the forest around them; skyscrapers and vendo machines, hot summer and frosty winter, all captured with a certain intimacy that makes them both public and personal.

The palette of colors is rich but not too rich, excited but affording as well some space for pause and meditation.

Photo by Angelo Liwanag

The photographs in the exhibit—51 in all—are spread out in in the home-like setting of Avellana Gallery. The highly balanced arrangement provides equipoise to the contrasting images.

Liwanag took to photography when he was 12. To improve his skill, he sought out photographers and cinematographers via YouTube; he likes in particular the work of Alen Palander and Peter Mckinnon.

Photo by Angelo Liwanag

In the Avellana show, the titles to the photographs betray perhaps Liwanag’s playful commentary. “Tartuffe” captures a tourist in a Japanese temple praying to alien gods. “Room for Squares” is a gallery with a spectrum of neon lights but shrouded in darkness; and “Divided” shows the familiar urbanscape reflected on a thinly flooded surface.

The biggest photograph shows a wooden plank with the words, “Grateful for everything,” written in red. It serves as anchor for the exhibit and expresses Liwanag’s gratitude for having been given the opportunity for traipsing, sightseeing, and shooting.

Angelo Liwanag
Young photographer Angelo Liwanag

“The reason why I say ‘privileged’ (in the title of the exhibit) is because I am very lucky to have the life that is given to me,” he explained. “To travel around the world with the people I love is a luxury that most people do not have.”

“The World Through Privileged Eyes” is running at the Avellana Art Gallery at 2680 FB Harrison Street, Pasay City. Gallery hours by appointment are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. Tel. 8-833-8357 and 0920-9505759; email avellana_gallery@yahoo.com.