How Stargazer opened herself to speaking to the dead 2
Stargazer serves as a link between the physical and the spirit world.

Why Stargazer talks to dead people

Instead of being called a manghuhula, Star would rather be called a life coach, guiding people’s lives with her gift.
RHIA GRANA | Nov 01 2021

Each time undas season comes along, all things paranormal and supernatural become a favorite topic of discussion. But for psychic, Stargazer, they’re not only seasonal kuwentuhan fodder—they’re realities she’s been exposed to since childhood.

Psychic ability has different gifts under it—among them clairvoyance (the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision), clairaudience (the power to hear sounds that exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience), clairsentience (the power to perceive what is not normally perceptible).

Stargazer uses the aura, energies and vibrations as focal points of her psychic readings. 

Stargazer has been honed in all the aforementioned areas. “I’m a psychic who can see, hear, feel, sense,” she tells ANCX. In other words, all her senses are heightened. “I am able to communicate with spirits. Clairvoyance ang malakas sa akin.”

Being able to talk to spirits seems a rather unnerving thought. But the lady in a bejeweled red top on the screen in front of me exudes such a positive, happy vibe. Her smile is bright and welcoming as she talks about a topic close to her heart.

At a young age, Star had first-hand experience of seeing spirits and feeling energies in the dark corners of her room at bedtime.

Growing up years

“It wasn’t me who discovered my gift, but my lola,” says Star. She was about five years old when her maternal grandmother, Felicidad, would see her sleepwalking. The sleep disorder may be common among kids but the old lady would see her apo consistently waking up at the same time, going to the same corner. “It appeared that I was talking to someone in that corner,” Star recalls. 

Around the same age, she also seemed to possess an innate knowledge on herbal medicine. One time, she had a playmate who fell down and got bruises on her knee. Almost instinctively, she told the kid to put crushed bayabas leaves on the injury. Nobody talked about medicinal plants at home so even Star could not explain how she thought of such things.

Little Star loved the scary stuff. “Each time na may kwento na nakakatakot, I would really be listening intently,” she says. She had first-hand experience, too, at that age, of seeing spirits and feeling energies in the dark corners of her room at bedtime. “Sometimes may tao akong kausap. But when I look down sa feet, walang paa—it was floating.”

21-year-old Stargazer with her lola Felicidad 

Star was 10 when she and her brothers first saw a kapre on a lot near their home. “We had this huge water tank and we always saw this big man puffing his tobacco. He was as tall as the water tank, so probably he was about 8 feet,” the psychic recalls to ANCX. They were even more convinced when later on after seeing mud footprints about two feet long inside their property.

Star and her brothers showed the footprints to their grandmother, a policewoman, who warned the creature: “Wag mong gagalawin ang mga apo ko, kung hindi babarilin kita.” The creature never showed himself again.

As a kid, she wasn’t exactly fearless, says Star. Like anyone her age, she was scared of these supernatural encounters. But that didn’t stop her from venturing into the spirit world. “Unlike other children who would be hiding, ako hindi. May kaba, pero I was kinda matapang.”

With her mother

As she advanced in age, the gift also naturally grew inside her. In high school, she began communicating with the dead thru her dreams.

“One day I told my grandmother that there is an old lady that keeps appearing in my dreams. She said she’s from Ilocos. At that time, I can vividly describe her,” the clairvoyant remembers. Based on the young lady’s descriptions, her lola said the old woman in the dream was Star’s great, great, great grandmother who was a manggangamot in Ilocos.

Father Jaime Bulatao
Star was trained by parapsychologist Father Jaime Bulatao. Photo from  Ateneo Bulatao Center for Psychological Services Facebook page

Meeting ‘Father Bu’

The person responsible for discovering and harnessing Star’s psychic gift was Father Jaime Bulatao, who she fondly called Father Bu. Bulatao was once chairman of the department of Psychology in Ateneo de Manila University, well-known for his numerous writings about the paranormal. 

“In the ‘70s, medyo taboo pa ang usaping [paranormal] but he was already bold in expressing his beliefs,” Star tells ANCX. Bulatao was able to talk to spirits. He claimed he can talk to a white lady. He believed in duwendes and engkantos.

Star met Father Bu on the second semester of her freshman year. “At that time, I was keeping the gift to myself. And it was Fr. Bulatao who really felt that I had a gift. He touched my hand and said he wanted to develop my gift,” recalls Star. “I thought, how could he know—he’s not even my department chairman.” Star was taking up Communication Arts (CA) at that time, while Fr. Bu worked in the Psychology Department.

College days in Ateneo

Bulatao invited Star to visit him at his department for a talk. “At first I didn’t want to. I was kind of hesitant. What would I do with the gift? I was scared of mumu. I was interested but at the same time I had apprehensions about it.”

But the lady’s curiosity eventually prevailed. She decided to see Father Bu and the Jesuit priest started testing her different gifts. He taught Star how to further her gift thru meditation and visualization. 

Father Bulatao was already well-known in the paranormal field then. People would ask for his assistance when it came to missing objects, even missing people. One time, she tested Star’s ability by asking about a missing Sto. Niño. She told the priest that the religious image was still within the owner’s premises, but was already brought out in a tricycle. The owner later found out it was the caretaker who stole the statue and hid it in his quarters.

Star finished Communication Arts in Ateneo.

Another skill Bulatao passed on to Star was remote viewing. This was actually the parapsychologist’s specialty. “This means I’ll be looking at your place without you telling me anything about it,” she says. “I will describe your place from where I am.”

Thru Father Bu, Star also learned to communicate with comatose patients. She was once a subject of a PhD dissertation, that of University of the Philippines professor Joey Peregrino. “His research was all about the language of the soul. He had a comatose colleague that time who will no longer wake up due to too much cerebral bleeding,” she recounts. Star was brought in to spark an exchange between the man in a coma and his son.

“I knew nothing about the patient,” Star says, recalling the situation. “But when I relayed the information to the son, he just started crying, because what I was saying was true.” 

Stargazer in her 20s.

Talking to spirits

The messages from dead people come naturally, says the psychic. “They’re spontaneous. They just come and send messages,” she says with a serious look. No theatricals there, she says on her website. Communication happens thru mental telepathy.

On Kumu, where she livestreams every Sunday from 8PM to 10PM via FYE Channel, there are instances when Star only intends to see the aura of a person virtually. But sometimes, what strikes her is that instead of reading the person, a spirit would speak to her, sending a message for one of her guests.

Stargazer anchored "Pinoy Vibes" on DZMM for almost 13 years.

“When I talk to a spirit, pinapa-identify ko muna sa kanya ang personal na link niya sa kanyang loved one, para siguradong siya talaga yun at hindi ibang spirit,” says Star. It could be a secret, a memory, a quirk, or any distinguishing detail of the person who had passed on.

She gave an example to further illustrate it. “For instance, I’m looking at you now,” she tells me. “Your aunt—who’s not married—wants to tell you something.” It was an advice, she says. I feel the chills, but I choose to ignore it. I had an unmarried aunt who passed on early this year. But Star was merely giving an example, I think. And so we move on with the rest of the interview.

“I’d like to provide light to people who are in the dark,” says Star.

Higher purpose

Star can read your aura and predict future events in your life by simply looking at you or holding your hand. But don’t call her a fortune-teller and expect her to dish out answers to questions like— “Yayaman ba ako?” or “Magkaka-love life ba ako?”

“I realized that as an Atenean and the way Fr. Bulatao guided me on how to use the gift, it’s not just for menial things,” she says. “It’s not just for knowing ‘Ano ang future ko?’ You mold your own future. It’s not about what the manghuhula says. You make your own choices.”

Star prefers to look at things in a positive light. “Before, I used to say a lot about volcanoes and earthquakes,” she says. “But as I furthered my gift, I stopped looking at that too much kasi it creates fear sa tao. There’s too much fear and problems right now so I’d rather focus on the positive side.”

Star did predict, however, the surfacing of a mysterious disease in a 2019 episode of "Magandang Buhay." She particularly mentioned “pneumonia” and “upper respiratory disease.” When she returned to the show in January 2020 and was asked about her forecasts, she was admittedly scared to say things are going to get bleak. “I’m a positive person kasi. So what I said was, ang papatok lang na business sa 2020 are online businesses, which really happened.”

Stargazer in "Magandang Buhay" 

Instead of being called a manghuhula, she’d rather be called a life coach—she guides people’s lives with her gift. “For instance, if someone comes to me and asks, ‘Nambababae ba ang asawa ko?’ Ang approach ko iba. I’m not going to tell you, ‘Nambabababae talaga ang asawa mo, eto ang address, sugurin mo.’” Instead, what she does is analyze the situation and provide possible solutions to help fix the marriage.

Star is usually awake at night. At times, she talks to spirits, or to people who are troubled and depressed. Most of them are OFWs. She says it’s her way of giving back all the blessings she’s received. “I’d like to provide light to people who are in the dark,” she says.

She provides this assistance because like many of us, she’s had her share of dark moments, too. In fact, the name Stargazer, she says, is a constant reminder of mistakes she had committed in the past. She didn’t get into details but shares that if not for those mistakes, she wouldn’t be the person she is now. “That experience showed me what I can do for other people,” she says.

Before we end our interview, Star brings up my aunt again. She says her presence is quite strong. I have goosebumps all over my arms and at the back of my neck. She sends a message specifically for my mother—a habilin for people my aunt had left behind. With her will now transmitted from the afterlife, here’s hoping my aunt has found her peace. 


[All photos courtesy of Stargazer]