What KC Montero told Ces Drilon about the whole Miss Universe hosting brouhaha 2
“I want them to have all the information and then choose whether they like me or not,” KC explained to Ces why he’s answering the hate messages.

What KC Montero told Ces Drilon about the whole Miss Universe hosting brouhaha

The pageant host explained in the latest episode of “Bawal Mastress Drilon” that he was just trying to calm the nerves of Miss Bohol and unspoil the spoiler
RHIA GRANA | Oct 27 2020

Two decades after KC Montero started his hosting career in the Philippines, after winning the MTV VJ Hunt in 1999, some Filipinos still don’t get his brand of humor.

The former MTV VJ host—wow, that’s a job title that dates you—is now embroiled in some minor brouhaha concerning the just concluded-Miss Universe Philippines pageant, after an editing slip-up and what could be construed as poor judgment on KC’s part. Boholanos thought he was being rude to their candidate when KC was in truth just being his kenkoy self and was nagpapa-cute. 

KC guested in Ces Drilon’s Kumu show titled “Bawal Ma-stress Drilon” Monday night to shake off the stress he had subjected himself into, trying to answer all the hate messages he’s been getting since the coronation night aired on Sunday, October 25.

The 42-year-old host began by giving Ces a backgrounder to what happened before he presented the video clip in question. KC said the reason he was trying to inject humor in his hosting was because he knew the pageant contestants were nervous. “I’d like to break the ice with them,” he told Ces. Plus, isn’t the guy known for his humor? “They wouldn’t have gotten me as host if they wanted someone stiff and serious.”

The pageant host, who is also VP for Marketing of livestreaming app Kumu, had previously met the girls through their guesting on “Kumustahan on Kumu,” and they had been talking a lot over Zoom so you could say KC had developed a semblance of rapport with them.

He then showed Ces two versions of the video clip—what aired (the edited) and what really happened (the uncut).

In the first video, the Filipino-American host asked the candidate representing Bohol, Pauline Amelinckx, how she’s doing. Pauline then answered KC, “I’m doing good. Thank you for asking. How about you?” The camera abruptly shifted to a stern-looking KC saying, “No one ever asks me questions.” Pauline replied, “I’m sorry. Should I have not done that?” Then KC answered back, “It’s okay. So I’ll go ahead and read what you’re supposed to comment on instead.”


For the past 2 days I’ve tried to explain myself over and over again. Been receiving so much hate from the supporters of Ms. Bohol. I’ve tried to explain that in no way would I have disrespected their candidate and that there’s a longer joke that wasn’t aired due to time restraints. Here’s the unedited video of my conversation with Ms. Bohol @paulineamelinckx. You can clearly see that we are having a friendly conversation. Being in her position is stressful so I was trying to lesson the tension by making her laugh. I am sorry to anyone who got offended by the edited video. I have so much respect for all the ladies and people behind @themissuniverseph! Congrats to everyone! I hope this ends all of the bashing that’s coming my way. I should’ve just let this go and focused on the positive aspects of the event. But instead I opened my mouth to try to defend myself which seemed to draw more attention to what was to Pauline and I an innocent joke. The shitstorm that followed was unpleasant. So I hope everyone can see the joke in its entirety. If you still don’t like me after seeing this then I’m ok with it. At least you have all the information to form your opinions. I’m done with this. Let’s go back to more fun things like lobbying for me to be the first bald man @creamsilkph endorser.

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The uncut version showed the same exchange of Pauline and KC but with the latter acting nervy and baffled (like a pageant contestant) when Pauline asked him ‘how about you?’ “It’s okay. Now, I don’t know what to do,” KC mumbled. Then acting as if trying to recover his composure, he said, “No one ever asks me questions. So I’ll go ahead and read what you’re supposed to comment on instead.”

KC explained to Ces that what came out on TV was missing a lot about what the conversation was about. “[The edited version made him] came off a bit rude,” he admitted, quickly adding that he understands people in Bohol may feel emotional about their candidate being told off. “If you don’t understand sarcasm, then you might not get this one,” he told Ces.

The host, who said the reason he’s trying to answer the hate messages being thrown at him on social media was because he was trying to make them understand what happened. “I want them to have all the information and then choose whether they like me or not,” KC explained. 

He shared that he was feeling upset that he was already being declared persona non grata by the people of Bohol. Asked by Ces if he’d like to come back to Bohol, he said he will, “when Pauline invites me, under the safety of her watchful eye.” Unknown to some of Pauline’s supporters, KC and the beauty queen are actually in good terms because they both knew KC was only humoring her. Pauline had also posted a statement to clarify this.

What KC Montero told Ces Drilon about the whole Miss Universe hosting brouhaha 3
KC shares a funny moment with Ces in Monday's episode of "Bawal Mastress Drilon"

Unspoiling the spoiler

KC also admitted in the interview that he did a diversionary tactic to protect the secrecy of the pageant’s results until it aired on Sunday, October 25. Initially, it was made known to pageant watchers that Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) Organization had filmed five alternative endings of the pageant. But then, random people, presumably those who were inside the venue during the pageant, started leaking photos of the top 5 on social media ahead of the telecast and the livestream.

So what KC did was he tried to “spoil the spoilers.” He posted Saturday on Twitter and Instagram that MUP shot five different endings involving numerous candidates, and that “some of them were not even in the Top 5.” In the photos that circulated, different candidates were seen wearing the “Filipina” crown.

But unfortunately people got mad at him for “telling a lie”. “Some call it a lie, I call it a diversion,” he told Ces. “You’re mad at me for trying to maintain the secrecy of this event that people had been working hard for in the past eight months? How can you try to get mad at me for trying to unspoil the spoiler?”

KC also made it clear that he didn’t know who won prior to the announcement of the winners. “The only people who knew the winners then was Jonas [Gaffud], and I believe Shamcey [Supsup],” he said.

The host admitted it was partly his fault though that the issue blew up because he tried to defend himself. “Madaldal kasi ako e,” he said laughing.

When Ces asked him, “You regret that now?”

KC replied, “No.”

U B U, KC.