Photograph from Mary Pacquiao’s YouTube account.

This weekend’s must-see video is li’l Mary Pacquiao’s tour of her family's home

A peek into the lives of the country’s sports royalty.
ANCX | Oct 27 2019

The Pacquiao kids are alright, at least according to this weekend’s adorable house tour video from Mary Pacquiao, the third of Senator Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s three-boys, two-girls brood. Mary treated her YouTube followers to a tour of her family’s three-storey digs, taking us inside each of her siblings’ rooms (her parents’s doors were locked; they’re out) and giving us a “Tiny Q and A” sesh with the kids at home (youngest child Israel, we find out, is at his swimming lessons). 

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They all seem to be getting along well with each other, the Pacquiao kids—as the Q and As prove—and each seem to be deep into their passions: Michael into music, eldest Jimuel into boxing, and Queenie into, well, pets—which the house has a lot of. We see a bird, a couple of dogs, and the four cats: Sushi, Roxy, and Tofu “who looks like her mother Pucci.” We also get introduced to the house staff, among them Ate May and Kuya Bunso, who Mary catches in the middle of a snack break (they like banana with peanut butter, and deep fried banana with flour). 

Well, enough with the introduction, go straight to the video and, as Mary says at the end of the vid, “Join the fam!”