Why Master Hanz’s ‘dahon ng laurel’ advice is raising a lot of questions 2
Master Hanz Cua has been championing the use of laurel leaves.

Why Master Hanz’s ‘dahon ng laurel’ advice is raising a lot of questions

Following the Master’s instructions can be tricky 
ANCX Staff | Oct 20 2020

Fun fact: Filipinos have a hard time following and/or understanding simple instructions.

Monday morning, Feng shui consultant Master Hanz Cua posted a Feng Shui trick to help those in need of some form of ayuda to come into their homes. “GUSTO MO BANG PUMASOK ANG BLESSING SA INYONG TAHANAN?” the post read in attention-grabbing upper case letters. “MAGHANAP NA NG DAHON NG LAUREL!”

It seems Master Hanz has been championing the use of laurel leaves. Five days prior, the Master was telling his followers to slip in three laurel leaves in their wallets “para hindi ito mawalan ng pera.” 

Before this, we thought dahon ng laurel was only used in cooking adobo, a host of Indian dishes, or when movie producers want their film to look like they won an award at Sundance. We didn’t know it brings luck. It turns out the laurel or bay leaves are really believed by some people to possess a divine nature. According to our readings from various websites of questionable repute, it has magical powers to drive away evil spirits and, yes, attract luck and money into one’s home. 

Anyway, back to Master Hanz’s bay-leaf-in-wallet suggestion: he says to do this on a Thursday, and replace the leaves every Thursday thereafter, at 5PM.

For the front door suggestion, however, these instructions followed. “Sa loob ng iyong front door, maglagay ka ng baso na may lamang 5 kutsarang asin at 3 pcs ng dahon na nakatayo. Once may dumating na blessing, palitan lang ang dahon ng laurel,” Master Hanz advised.

At first glance, the directions sound pretty simple and straightforward. Until you start reading the comments.

Anong araw at oras po best gawin?” asked one. 

It’s a valid question. Master Hanz, after all, did not specify a day and time. Although a non-Feng Shui expert like me would automatically think the trick can probably work on any day.

Kahit plastic na baso pwede po ba? Wala po kasi kaming babasagin,” asked another. Rereading the Master’s instructions, I would assume the kind of “baso” is a non-issue—otherwise the Master would surely specify.

Sa may lamesa ko na po nilagay. Tama po ba?” another one of his followers posted, along with a photo of a glass with salt and laurel leaves sitting on a table —along with Christmas ornaments—fronting the door. Master Hanz’s instructions does not mention a table, but Feng shui common sense tells us the elements should not block the doorway where luck should freely enter. 

Di po ba pwede sa gilid ng frontdoor? Kasi baka maapakan e,” remarked another. 

Pwede po ba sa harap ng altar ilagay?” But what would Mother Mary think?

Paano po kung tindahan?” asked one. I don’t see a problem, but it might not be advisable to put the glass with salt and dahon ng laurel in the condiments section. Baka may bumili.

“Fresh leaf po ng laurel or pwede na po ang dried?” Again, since the Master did not specify, methinks either will do—as long as it’s not in powder form. 

Meanwhile, others took it upon themselves to give unsolicited advice. “Haharap po kayo sa gawing silanganevery Tuesday and Friday po 6 to 8 ng umaga po....pwede din sa harap ng altar po ilagay,” shared one, voluntarily speaking in behalf of Master Hanz. 

Another one butted in, “Mainam at gawin ito para sa akin Tuesday and Friday, tapos ilagay pag sinag ng araw sa umaga like 6am.” Now are people just making up their own rules? 

Why would Master Hanz give such unclear instructions? Why can’t he be more specific? I thought. Will it add to the suwerte if my wallet is Seiko? And then I read the post again, and when I got to the bottom felt like I was just one of the commenters who can’t take a hint.