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Royalty, Manila high society, Spanish VIPs toast to wedding of Jaime Zobel grandson in Madrid

After two days of parties in the Spanish capital, Jaime Zobel de Ayala Urquijo and Alex Suarez tied the knot Saturday in the groom’s family’s hacienda in Spain, among a crowd of more than a thousand.
ANCX | Oct 07 2019

Jaime Urquijo was finally married to Alexandra Suarez Saturday, October 5, at Los Molinillos, the Urquijo family’s hacienda in Spain. This was after two days of grand parties which saw more than a thousand guests that included royalty—King Simeon of Bulgaria and his wife Margarita among them— and various VIPs from Madrid’s and the Philippines’s business and high society. (No wonder there were paparazzi outside the party venues.) 

Guests described the ceremony as both solemn and very traditional, officiated by a Spanish priest, and a priest from Bohol, Father Val Pinlac. Some of the guests were in tears, too, as the couple said their vows. Taking photographs were not allowed during the ceremony. The gathering switched back to party mode during the reception, with the groom at one point sporting a pair of daisy shades. 

At the Urquijo-Suarez wedding reception at Los Molinillos.

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Jaime is the eldest child and only son of Beatriz Susanna Zobel de Ayala, or Bea Jr, a crusader for Philippine arts and culture, daughter of Don Jaime and Bea Zobel. Jaime’s father Juan Urquijo belongs to an old industrialist family in Madrid. In 1995, while looking to start a new life with Bea and their kids Jaime and Paloma (Bea was then pregnant with third child Moniquita) in the Philippines and looking for a house, Juan died in an airplane accident on a flight out of Paris. In an interview with the Philippine Star in 2006, Bea revealed that Jaime reminded his grandparents very much of their son Juan. 

Jaime Urquijo, according to the Spanish website Hola! is an entrepreneur. He was born in Spain and spent much of his young life studying in the UK and France. 

The Hola! report on the pre-wedding parties.

He completed his MBA in Business Administration from INSEAD in Fountainbleu, France, one of the world’s most respected business schools. He has worked at JP Morgan, as per Hola!, and also for some of his family’s business endeavors. In the same Philstar interview, she described the grownup Jaime as "responsible, hardworking, big-hearted, sporty, and outdoorsy. Everything a mother would want for a son." 

Alex Suarez, on the other hand, is of Filipino-Spanish origin. “She studied Business Administration at an American university and has worked in the banking sector, in addition to technology companies such as Google, in Manila, where she has been residing in recent years,” according to Hola! Alex was also a Country Lead at Bumble Philippines. 

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From left: Jaime Augusto Zobel and Lizzie Zobel; Kit and Fernando Zobel. 

From left: Anton San Diego, Carol Masibay, Rhoda Aldanese, Joey Albert; Bing and Kathy de Guzman.

From left: Roseanne Cu-Unjieng, Nicole Cu-Unjieng, Monica Ugarte, Maricris Brias; Maricris Zobel. 

From left: Kathy de Guzman, Gina Roxas, Marta Roxas, and Silvia and Eugenia Melian; Gina Roxas, Antonio Garcia, and Carol Masibay. 

From left: Carol Masibay, Michellin Suarez, Piru Urquijo, and Mons Romulo; Mia Borromeo and Raul Manzano. 

The three day event in Madrid kicked off Thursday evening with a welcome party for the guests at the spectacular 13th century edifice— fabulous ballroom, marble floors, dramatic staircase, frescoes, the works — called Palacio De SantoƱa. Guests, including the celebrity fashion heiress Cosima Ramirez, came very elegantly dressed and they were entertained by some of Madrid’s most famous flamenco performers. The next day, everyone was treated to a barn party and performance of dancing stallions at the Finca El Feligres in Arganda Del Rey, a torero’s villa. 


Photographs courtesy of EIC on the Move’s Raul Manzano, and Tim Yap.