Netizens have a naughty new LSS, thanks to these ladies 2
Sari and Chi Estrada. Screengrab from 'Ano Kaya Feeling ng May Etits' video

These demure ladies are wondering what it’s like to have ‘etits’—and the Internet is positively amused

Women do think about sex. And sometimes they just think about etits—as these funny, fearless sisters prove
ANCX Staff | Oct 01 2021

A new Filipino novelty song is going viral on social media. The tune is so catchy you’ll end up singing along after a few listens (warning!).

The song is entitled “Ano Kaya Feeling ng May Etits?” the latest composition from comedic musical duo and real-life sisters Sari and Chi Estrada. Suffice it to say, the ladies have a knack for writing songs about the most random topics—for instance, So-En panties and why there has to be days of the week written on them or the perils of having dry-ay-ay hands due to over-washing or sanitizing. 

Their music videos are published on the Filipino comedy channel Solid OK and also on the sisters’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

They can clearly write a song about anything. But why “etits”? Like many brilliant things in the world, it’s a product of curiosity. “As you can see, babae kami. That being said, wala kaming bird,” they said simply on the video’s intro. “So, sometimes napapaisip kami: ano kaya feeling ng may etits?”

Is it a political statement? It’s hard to tell. “Gusto kong malaman / ano bang pakiramdam / ng may etits sa gitna ng mga hita ko. / I don’t mean sexually / just anatomically.”

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If they had a male sex organ, would they actually name it?—goes a question from the song. Doing so would give it, uhm, identity. (Get it? Get it?) And what’s it going to be—Chris? Jasper? Eugene? Dragon? Casper? Reginald Samuel Theloneous III? The name would speak for itself, the ladies say: “Defender of the weak, defender of the small, epitome of valor, a buddy to all.” Unless they just call it Susan. 

The song also tackles the presumed privilege of having an etits (“Gusto ko maranasan / umihi sa halaman”) as well as its dangers (“anong dapat gawin pag biglang tinigasan / sa oras na hinding hindi ka dapat tigasan?)—which are the best parts of the ditty, if you ask us. Here, the girls really get to flex their wit and irreverence to brilliant results (“Ang thesis defense naging tite’s defense!”) 

We would have loved to chat with the Estrada sisters but they said they’re not giving any interviews at the moment. We imagine masaya sila ka-bonding. Their brand of comedy may not appeal to everyone, but it has certainly amused us and amused a good number of netizens. 

The “etits” YouTube video has so far amassed over 11,000 views. Add to that the 74,578 views from the popular comedy IG account @Kabulastugan which posted the video with the caption: “Deservingly my LSS.” “It takes balls to put this out,” says one male commenter on YouTube. “Yung akin ang pangalan Soulja Boy!” another guy offers. “New LSS na ito” blurted another. 

Boys, do we see a “keps” version coming? Better do it well because this “etits” is a hard one to beat. Wink wink.