#TreatYourself: top 5 ways to reward yourself for a job well done 2

#TreatYourself: top 5 ways to reward yourself for a job well done

Because you deserve it.
Partner Feature | Oct 01 2019

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Work hard, but play even harder,” and it’s a liberating philosophy worth living by. Life is, indeed, too short, and instead of denying oneself of life’s little pleasures and luxuries, embrace the moment and follow the new empowering credo of this generation – “Don’t feel guilty about loving yourself and putting your wellbeing first.”  It’s safe to say that it’s never selfish to treat yourself and reward all your efforts.

Here are ways on how to celebrate every triumph, big and small. 

Great Gustations: Wine and dine yourself at a posh restaurant

Don’t feel out of place taking a table for two just for yourself. It’s an empowering experience that people need to do at least once in their lives. Go ahead and book a reservation at that five-star restaurant you’ve always wanted try and indulge on a decadent meal. Allow your senses to be fully awakened dishes perfectly prepared by chefs. Trust us, you’ll get to appreciate the food more without the distractions of awkward silences or even inappropriate conversations. Don’t forget to dress up for the part as well! 


Little Luxuries: Shopping Spree for Me

A little retail therapy never hurt anybody, especially if you’ve been saving up for months. Luxury shouldn’t be relegated to special occasions; you should enjoy it every day. So say yes to that designer bag or limited edition sneakers you’ve been eyeing for months. Going on a shopping spree is an effective and satisfying way to release all your pent-up stress and frustration. Easily afford your luxury purchase by using your Metrobank credit card, which gives you the convenience, security and flexibility to pay off your purchases with easy monthly installment schemes.

You can indulge on your retail therapy by going online, which opens  you up to more exciting sellers and brands from all around the world.


Pampering Spree: A little well-deserved “Me-time”

After a hard week at work, destress and decompress by instantly giving yourself that much needed boost with a thoroughly rejuvenating visit to your spa or derma. Set aside a whole day to fully recalibrate the mind and spirit. Counter the threat of a burnout with a day all to yourself. 


Dream Escape: Get out of town  

Most of the time, the weekends just don’t cut it. Book a weeklong trip to your dream destination and give into your wanderlust. A retreat to nature or the beach is always a good idea as nothing better soothes the nerves than relaxing by the calming waters with a drink in hand. A change of scenery does wonders to rejuvenate the soul. Also, when out and about, don’t forget to unplug from your social media and work accounts so you won’t be bothered. 

In life, we are faced with many decisions where we often have to settle and simply deal with the stress. But your wellbeing shouldn’t ever be the collateral damage of these decisions. Do what you must to take care of your spirit and reward yourself accordingly without worry with Metrobank’s Titanium Mastercard.

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