PNP releases CCTV footage from morning Bree was found 2
Screengrab from the CCTV footage released by the Philippine National Police.

PNP releases photos, CCTV footage from hostel where Bree Jonson body was found

The footage suggests an argument happening between Jonson and Julian Ongpin more than an hour and a half before San Juan police found them
ANCX Staff | Sep 23 2021

The Philippine National Police today released CCTV footage from the hostel where an unconscious Bree Jonson was found by police and where her companion Julian Ongpin was arrested the morning of September 18. 

The one-minute and five-second footage shows Jonson picking up a bottle and drinking from it, afterwhich Ongpin appears to get hold of the bottle to take it away from the artist. Jonson then walks back towards their room followed closely by Ongpin, and the two appear to have an argument. Ongpin is then seen going back to where he was outside. 

The time stated on the upper left corner of the video is 2:56 AM, close to an hour and a half before the couple was found by San Juan police. Jonson was taken to the hospital and was declared dead on arrival while Ongpin was arrested after police found cocaine in the hostel room. 

Bree Jonson and Julian Ongpin
Jonson and Ongpin appear to be having an argument outside their room.

Meanwhile, the photos released by the PNP shows the bathroom where Jonson allegedly locked herself in, based on Ongpin’s story. Pieces of wood can be seen on the floor as well as a jalousie door whose lower panels have been removed. Ongpin earlier told police he forced his way into the bathroom and found Jonson unconscious. He alleges he broke through the door’s lower portion, hence the cuts found on his arms.


More from the CCTV   

Earlier today, the Jonson family’s legal team, Sunga Salandanan and Ampuan Law Offices, released a statement saying it has already viewed the CCTV footage. 

Bree Jonson
The bathroom where Jonson allegedly locked herself in.

The statement reads, in part: “Based on what we saw, Breanna [Jonson’s real name] and Julian had a heated altercation minutes before she was found unconscious in their hotel room. The two were in and out of their room for a few minutes before they eventually locked themselves in. 

“Around twenty (20) minutes thereafter, Julian went outside and climbed to the fourth floor. Upon his return, he went inside the room for a few seconds then went out again to grab a ladder and positioned the same against the wall outside their room which has the room’s comfort room window. He climbed the ladder and removed three layers of jalousie. 

Bree Jonson
Ongpin removed three layers of jalousie from the bathroom window so he could enter.

“Julian stepped down and paced by the hostel lobby. Julian went inside again their room for about 5 minutes. Thereafter, Julian went down the stairs and a hostel staff came up to open the room with him.” By this time in the footage, says the statement, Jonson’s body can already be seen from the lobby’s CCTV. 


Psychological autopsy 

The NBI is expected to conduct psychological autopsy in the investigation of Jonson’s death. NBI spokesman Ferdinand Lavin says the bureau's Behavioral Sciences Division will conduct interviews with the artist’s friends and family in the hopes their answers will assist in explaining what transpired in the La Union hostel which led to Jonson’s demise. 

Bree Jonson
Ongpin alleges he broke through the door’s lower portion, hence the cuts found on his arms.

According to Lavin, the NBI is done with the autopsy on Jonson's body and the collected specimens are undergoing examination. The bureau also sent a forensics team to the San Juan hostel to gather evidence. The NBI is tracking down the companions of Jonson and Ongpin the night before the former's passing. Once statements from witnesses have been gathered, the NBI plans to get a statement from Ongpin who has been released temporarily while investigation on Jonson’s death continues. 

[Footage and photos courtesy of PNP PRO1. With reports from Raffy Santos, Mike Navallo and Niko Baua.]