The Health Agency recorded the highest number of deaths in a single day since the beginning of the pandemic. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News/file
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DoH reports 186 newly announced COVID deaths, the highest number since March

Majority of these occurred in July and August, with 100 of the deaths coming from the NCR. 
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Sep 12 2020

[Disclaimer: Whatever is written here is based on information released by the Department of Health at the time of publication. Whatever changes the DoH makes in their data later on…well that’s a different story in itself and as they say in their disclaimer: “the total cases reported may be subject to change as these numbers undergo constant cleaning and validation.”]

The shocker wasn’t the total number of cases. It was the number of deaths.

Today, the Health Agency reported 186 newly announced deaths due to COVID-19. Majority of them occurred in July and August (66 percent), with 100 of the deaths coming from the National Capital Region.

It’s the highest number of deaths reported in a single day in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

The irony with the weekend data—perfect timing wouldn’t you say, for the announcement of the Department of Transportation at easing the distances in public transportation starting September 14 and the Department of Tourism getting ready for “staycations” in the coming weeks? 

With 4,935 newly-reported cases by the Health Agency, the Philippines reports more cases and more deaths than Indonesia today and is less than 2,000 cases from Germany (which we are most likely to overtake very soon).

Of the 4,935 announced cases today, 4,034 (81.7 percent) are recent (August 30-September 12) from 117 of 118 accredited laboratories submitting to the COVID-19 Data Repository System (CDRS) on September 11, 2020.

Total case count as of September 12, 2020: 257,863

Twenty-three cases were deleted from the case count.

The top 5 regions were NCR, Region IVA, Region III, Region VI and Region VII. Only NCR and Region VI had significant backlogs being included in today’s report compared to the other regions.

Summary of the recoveries and fatalities today

  • Recoveries: 659 reported today, recovery rate 72.6 percent (down)
  • Fatalities: 186 reported today, case fatality rate 1.66 percent (up)
  • NCR had the most deaths reported today with 100 of the 186 reported (54 percent). Central Visayas was in second with 36 and Region IVA in third with 19 deaths.
  • 78 percent of the reported deaths today occurred in the months of June, July, and August.

With 119 testing facilities, the DoH reports 2,848,985 individuals tested as of September 11, 2020. This is around 2.61 percent of the total population.


Testing capacity

  • 2,823,879 individuals tested (~ 2.6 percent of total population) as of September 10, 2020
  • September 10, 2020: 3,863 positives from 38,573 individuals tested
  • Of the 3,863 positives on September 10, 2020, 65 percent (2,525) were reported from 35 of 41 testing facilities in NCR
  • Daily positive rate for September 10, 2020: 10 percent (down)
  • Cumulative positive rate for September 10, 2020: 10.6 percent (unchanged)

The summary

  • Total number of confirmed cases: 252,964 (as of September 11, 2020)
  • Total cases yesterday (September 11, 2020): 4,040 newly reported (2,754 recent or 68.2 percent from August 29-September 11, 2020)
  • Region with highest number of cases for September 11, 2020: NCR – 1,813 (1,196 recent).
  • Top regions (with more than 100 cases) for September 11, 2020: NCR, Region IVA, Region III and Region VI
  • Regions with single digit report: none
  • Repatriates: 15 new cases (Total: 10,626 as of September 11, 2020).
  • Unidentified on a regional level: 33 cases

The unknowns (Cases with NO TAGGED LOCATIONS)

Total unknowns: 103 (2.55 percent down from 5.8 percent the day before)

  • Regional level: 33 unknown
  • Provincial level: none
  • City/Municipality level: 70 (14 from Camarines Sur, 11 from Bulacan, 8 from NCR, 7 from Laguna, 5 from Cavite and the rest are from various regions)

The known (Top 5 Regions)

  • NCR: 1,812 newly announced cases (1196 cases or 66 percent recent)
  • More than 100 cases: Quezon City, Manila, Taguig, Makati, Las Piñas, Mandaluyong and Caloocan
  • 50-100 cases: Pasig, Marikina, Valenzuela, Parañaque, Malabon, Pasay, Pateros and San Juan
  • 10 to less than 50 cases: Muntinlupa and Navotas
  • Untagged location at city/municipality level: 8
  • Top provinces by region for the day: Cavite (Region IVA), Bulacan (Region III), Negros Occidental (Region VI), Cebu (Region VII).
  • Region IVA was in second: 1001 (640 cases or 64 percent recent)
  • Cavite was on top with 435 cases followed by Rizal, Laguna, and Batangas with triple digits
  • Silang (in Cavite) was the only city with triple digits – 119 cases. This is the first time Silang is on the top of the cities/municipalities in the region.
  • 25 cities/municipalities reported double digits.
  • There were 14 unknowns on a city/municipality level from various provinces in the region.
  • Region III was third: 327 (244 cases or 75 percent recent)
  • The province of Bulacan maintains the lead with 195 cases.
  • Santa Maria (in Bulacan) had the highest number of cases on a city/municipality level. Ten other cities/municipalities reported double digits.
  • No tagged location at the city/municipality level: 11 from Bulacan alone
  • Western Visayas came in fourth: 210 cases (153 cases or 73 percent recent)
  • Negros Occidental owned 139 (66 percent) of the cases in the region
  • Bacolod City had the most cases (78 of the 139 or 56 percent in Negros Occidental)
  • There were 3 unknown on a city/municipality level, all from Negros Occidental.
  • Central Visayas was back in fifth: 98 cases (81 cases or 83 percent recent)
  • The province of Cebu owned 94 of the 98 cases (96 percent)
  • There were 3 unknowns on a city/municipality level – 2 from Cebu and 1 from Siquijor.
  • 7-day average of new cases as of September 10, 2020: 2,989 cases/day (higher)
  • 7-day average of new deaths as of September 10, 2020: 53 deaths/day (lower)


  • Global case fatality rate: 3.21 percent (lower)
  • Global recovery rate: 71.8 percent (unchanged)

Total number of cases reported yesterday was over 268,000 with a 7-day average of more than 260,000 cases/day.

Number of deaths are lower at 4,765 new deaths with a 7-day average of 5,686 deaths/day.

The United States surpasses thee 6.6 million mark, with Texas, California and Florida as top three contributors to the pool of coronavirus cases.

India continues to dominate the global numbers with even another record high of almost 100,000 new cases overnight. It’s now more than 4.65 million cases. It also led in over-all deaths in the world yesterday with 1,202 newly announced deaths.

Brazil remains in third place but has seen considerable slowing down of the number of new cases and new deaths.

  • India continues to top the list with another record high of 97.654 cases yesterday.
  • Two European countries remain in the top ten for the third straight day – Spain with more than 4,700 and France with more than 9,000 new cases reported.
  • Two countries reported deaths in four digits – India and the United States.
  • Indonesia was the ninth biggest contributor to the pool of fatalities yesterday with 120 newly reported deaths.

With the close to 5,000 cases and record high of 186 deaths today, we will most likely be in the top ten newly announced cases and deaths tomorrow.

What a way to end the weekend report. Tomorrow we summarize the week that was.