Jim Paredes did 75 push-ups to mark 70th birthday 2
(Left) Jim Paredes marks his 70th birthday by doing 75 push-ups. Photos from his Instagram account

Jim Paredes just turned 70 and he did 70+ pushups to prove age is just a number

“Some people see it as the start of the big fade away. I see it as the beginning to the build up of a great sunset.”
ANCX Staff | Aug 31 2021

Seventy is often thought of as the age when one is finally, undoubtedly, old—or to put it in more poetic terms, it’s the beginning of one’s golden years. Activist, songwriter, singer and one third of The Apo, Jim Paredes, turned 70 Tuesday, August 31st but he looks fit enough to march to the next rally and sounds sharp enough to churn out perhaps another album, or two. 

In fact, to show just how in good shape he is, he filmed a video of himself doing not just 70 but 75 push-ups, his hands on a yoga mat, in what looks like his home garden. He posted the video on Facebook and Instagram to accompany his message of thanks to friends, family and followers who greeted him. 


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It’s also, as he says, his “proof of life” in these dire times. “Despite the pandemic and some people close to me being in the hospital, I am thankful for many friends, relatives, strangers who have greeted me so far,” he wrote. “And I am happy. Life is good.” 

The OPM stalwart considers turning 70 a milestone. “Some people see it as the start of the BIG FADE AWAY. I see it as the beginning to the build up of a great sunset,” says Paredes. He sounds hopeful and excited for what’s coming. “We must know how to live and how to die. I will continue to write, sing, live, laugh, cry, love, be inspired, be active, be crazy and put effort into causes that will help me evolve with the rest of humanity.” 

Jim Paredes college photo
Jim Paredes during his college days. Photo from @jimparedes on Instagram

Paredes says he keeps healthy by guarding against what he calls “the three greatest killers”: salt, sugar and gravity. “Aging will happen to everyone. From being young and able to shake the world like thunder, we become Tanders. From being current, we become vintage. But to live well, we must keep moving. Life is movement. Movement is the clearest sign of life.” 

Jim Pades
Paredes on his 69th birthday last year. Photo from @jimparedes on Instagram

Hence the video post. He admitted he prepared for the performance, practicing a few weeks to be able to confidently do it on camera on the day of his birthday. “I don't think I will be able to do this when I turn 80!”

But let’s cross the bridge when we get there. As for now, at 70–as the kids say these days—Jim Paredes lang sakalam.