National Book Store denies it’s closing stores in ‘expensive malls’ 2
Photo from National Book Store's Facebook Page

National Book Store denies it’s closing stores in ‘expensive malls’

That thing you passed on earlier today was nothing but a bit of fake news.
ANCX | Aug 24 2020

And Viber strikes again! Well, maybe not Viber per se but the people you call your friends in it. The latest fake news that went around the messaging app was that National Book Store, the country’s largest book store chain, the bookstore we all grew up with, will be closing its branches in expensive malls and will just be keeping its standalone stores. (The ‘expensive’ part should have been the indication there’s something careless about that statement. What on earth is an expensive mall?) 

Not true, says a statement from National Book Store sent to ANCX. “National Book Store would like to assure all our partners and customers that this story is not true,” the statement begins. “Despite the significant challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, National Book Store is working tirelessly to adapt to the difficulties posed by the current situation and [will] continue providing every Laking National with books and supplies.” 

The country’s biggest malls, in fact, says NBS, have been reassuring allies. “The support given to us by our mall partners, especially Ayala, Robinsons, and SM, in whose malls most of our stores are located, has given us a chance to focus our energies in trying to overcome this crisis and continue to serve our customers and communities.” 

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The statement, however, reveals that a few non-performing branders may be considered for “closure or downsizing,” the larger number of NBS locations in the entire country will remain in business. “To serve your homeschooling, distance learning, and work from home needs, with stringent protocols in place to ensure your safety,” the statement says. 

While the fake news did mention that NBS is “going online,” the fact is that the business has been online for sometime now. The chain will just be strengthening its e-commerce platforms, and its official stores on Shopee and Lazada. It is also further developing new channels to enable customers to shop safely and conveniently from the comforts of home, including Text to Order via SMS or Viber and Chat to Shop on Facebook Messenger.

“National Book Store has overcome a lot of difficulties and obstacles since its humble beginnings nearly 80 years ago,” the statement says in closing. “We remain committed to our promise of being your lifelong partner in learning, creativity, and self-expression, and will strive to continue fulfilling this promise as best as we can.”