‘Why am I more stressed than my child?,’ and other funny online class confessions from parents 2
The popular Bea Alonzo meme on parents’ minds these days: “Bakit parang ako ang naka-enroll?” Photo from Freepik

‘Why am I more stressed than my child?,’ and other funny online class confessions from parents

Parents share hilarious updates from their e-learning experiences. By RHIA GRANA
RHIA GRANA | Aug 18 2020

Many parents are under great stress these days, as they have to go through the adjustments of attending online classes for the first time in their lives—because of their kids. As that popular meme featuring Bea Alonzo as Bobbie in “Four Sisters and A Wedding” says, “Bakit parang ako ang naka-enroll?” 

Parang mas stressed pa ata ako kesa sa anak ko,” confides one parent, adding she has to play multiple roles whenever her daughter logs onto her class. “I have to be the teacher, the nurse, the canteen operator, the coach, the guidance counselor, rolled into one.”

Internet connection is also a major stressor. “My daughter missed 20 minutes of her class!” complains another worried mother. 

But as many parents are also realizing by now, they just have to learn to take things in stride and laugh at these kinks. “Pasasaan ba at malalagpasan din natin ito?” quips one parent.

Here are some funny conversations we’ve culled from parents’ Facebook posts.


Sorry, parents—you can’t skip the class

“Can I be absent in my child’s class,” Suzy de Vera, mom to six-year-old Felixia, asks half-jokingly on Facebook?

A flurry of responses from friends and co-parents followed. “Gawa ka ng excuse letter,” suggests one.

“Why would you want to be absent sis? We paid super cheap tuition this year!” Andrew dela Cruz, a dad of three interjects. “Imagine 2-in-1 or minsan 3-in-1 enrollment! Child + mom, minsan with dad pa!!!”

Another mom, Zeb Hussain, jokes that she’s planning to tally whose child calls out his/her mom the most throughout the duration of an online class. “Mommy, can you open this? Mommy, can you help me with this? Ang daming unnecessary ‘Mommy’ e. Hahahaha!”

In another Facebook thread, Jhoanna Bidar was telling her friends, “Parang gusto ko na mag-recite para sulit ang oras ko.” She says she has to sit down with her seven-year-old son Enzo in a “back-breaking three-hours class.” (Parents, consider getting ergonomic chairs for you and your child.)


Estudyante blues

Some parents say there’s too much emotions involved in an online class.

Abegale Clarino was feeling upset for raising her voice on her son Cholo during his Math class. “I am hurting inside for doing that. Hay naku, are we really made to teach them the multiplication table??? How did our teachers do that???”  

In the same thread, De Vera shared that she was surprised to see what her daughter drew on her homework when she was asked to answer the question ‘What makes you feel upset?’ “She drew me yelling at her.


Strike a pose!

Karen Marcelo shares that she and her niece Breanna really ‘work it’ during Physical Education class. Not only does she make sure that Breanna does the exercises correctly, she also takes precise photos while doing the drills. The photos are sent to the teacher as proof that she did the exercises.

“It’s hard to take a photo while she’s doing the exercise, so dapat naka-steady sya. So instead of exercising, naging posing session!” Marcelo shares laughing.


Neighbor’s videoke

There is also the challenge of having to do an online class in a not-so-ideal environment.

Bernadette Dimadura shares that when the clock strikes 9 a.m., the neighbor of her son’s teacher would turn their videoke machine on.

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“Ang first song, ‘One Moment in Time,’ then ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ Parating problemado ang teacher ng anak ko kung anong settings ang gagawin nya sa microphone nya para ma-reduce daw ang noise,” Dimadura shares laughing.

There’s one time, too, when the teacher left her microphone on. Then the students were startled when a dog suddenly growled. “Nagulat kami kasi wala naman kaming aso sa bahay. Yun pala, yung aso ng teacher, pinakialaman yung microphone,” Dimadura says.

Meanwhile, an obviously ticked mom took to Facebook to post a not-so-subtle reminder to fellow moms: “Please don’t do your Zumba sessions while your child’s online class is ongoing.”