This Swiss face mask claims it can neutralize and kill viruses that pass through its material 2
This mask was made using a Swiss developed textile called Livinguard.

This Swiss face mask claims it can neutralize and kill viruses that pass through its material

Fine Guard masks, which is developed using Swiss textile technology, has just been made available in the country.
ANCX | Aug 18 2020

A few months into the global COVID pandemic, Swiss company Livinguard developed a treatment for textile facial masks that can apparently directly inactivate bacteria and viruses. According to a study conducted by the German research university Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, these new textiles can reduce SARS-CoV-2 virus particles by up to 99.9 percent in a few hours. Based on this, the study concluded that handling masks using this textile is safer, and its overall use can reduce hygienic issues beyond COVID-19.

It is this textile that Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) made use of for Fine Guard, the face mask it developed which it says is the best protective arsenal in the fight against the pandemic. FHH, a wellness group and hygiene product manufacturer that caters to the Middle East and North Africa, launched the mask earlier this year and will now enter the Philippines through RPG Distribution Services Inc.

This product line has two variants, Fine Guard Comfort and Fine Guard N95 Mask, both touting self-disinfecting properties. These masks have obtained multiple FDA certifications from around the globe and are recommended in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Livinguard technology purportedly sterilizes the air that passes through the mask while killing bacteria and viruses that can slip through. Unlike typical disinfectants, which kill harmful agents but can be toxic to humans, Livinguard’s inactivation technology neutralizes germs safely, without causing irritation to the skin while preventing the resurgence of pathogens that could survive and adapt.

Livinguard uses charged ions to disrupt the atomic structure of bacteria and/or viruses, rendering them “inactive,” and has been certified as effective by the US Product Safety Labs. Fine Guard’s Face Masks is the only brand endorsed by the physicians of the Medical Wellness Association based in Houston, Texas for prevention of infection.

“As a leader in the wellness and hygiene industry, FHH is dedicated to providing hygienic solutions which go beyond the set market standards,” James Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding says. “We are proud to be providing our communities and consumers with one of the most technologically advanced and effective hygienic face masks on the market today.”

These masks are available in medium and large, and in blue and black. They have adjustable ear bands and can be easily worn by those wearing glasses as it sits right below the top of the nasal bone. It has been tested by Nelson’s Laboratories in the US for sensitization, irritation and acute dermal toxicity and its self-disinfecting textile have passed all three standards.

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Since these masks are textile-based, they can be washed and reused. FHH says that this can done by soaking the mask in cold water and a small amount of hand soap for 30 minutes then air-dried without wringing. The Fine Guard N95 valve is sensitive under water and should be handled delicately when wet.

FHH guarantees that Fine Guard Comfort masks can eliminate viruses and bacteria for up to 30 washes and reusable for up to a year, whereas the Fine Guard N95 face masks are reusable for up to three years. This is because the effectiveness of Livinguard technology lasts for one year, while the N95 filter remains effective for another two years.

The Fine Guard Comfort Mask retails for PHP 995 and Fine Guard N95 Mask is priced at PHP 1,495. This month, these masks are available in True Value, Afpces, Rustan’s, and will soon be available in other leading retailers nationwide and e-commerce sites.

For more information, visit the Fine Guard Philippines Instagram page.