#betterbottlecapchallenge: Something more challenging than kicking bottle caps 2

#betterbottlecapchallenge: Something more challenging than kicking bottle caps

Partner Feature | Aug 15 2019

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new craze that is sweeping social media. This time, the #betterbottlecapchallenge is not just about doing roundhouse kicks to spin caps off bottles, its actually challenging participants to shoot used plastic or PET bottles and their bottle caps in trash bins, in the most creative ways!

No less than Senator Cynthia Villar, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, has taken on the challenge, as seen in her Facebook post 

More than a demonstration of one’s flair for effortlessly throwing PET plastic bottles into trash bins, the #betterbottlecapchallenge is seen as a way to challenge people to do their part in helping change the way they look at things that they use in a different light; and how this shift in mindset can positively impact their surroundings.

By being conscious of how they dispose of recyclable materials — like PET plastic bottles — as more than just 'trash', these materials are then seen as a valuable resource that has value, reprocessed, and used once more in another product or form.

This is the concept of mindful consumption which is slowly yet steadily gaining traction among environment advocates and the young generation.

In mindful consumption, people are encouraged to change their usage behaviors to prevent overconsumption and lessen household waste. This includes buying only what's needed,  purchasing and patronizing second-hand items so they don’t end up in landfills, buying 'green' products that were created from recyclable or recycled materials using less resources, and finding value in materials such as glass, paper, plastics and aluminum cans, and reusing and recycling, instead of mindlessly throwing them.

Recognizing the role they play in helping raise awareness towards a vision of a World Without Waste, one beverage company has put on spotlight one of their long-standing packaging sustainability initiatives, which dates back to 1975 — the redesign and innovation of their beverage containers. Their conscious and continuous effort to identify potential solutions help create and enable an environment where recyclable packaging can be collected, processed, recycled, and safely reintroduced back into the manufacturing system.

Those who are up for the fun task should be able to show through pictures and videos their uniqueness and creativity in landing used PET bottles in designated collection bins, posting these in their social media accounts with #betterbottlecapchallenge, and tagging their friends and celebrities to challenge them to do the same.


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After getting an earful from mudra, vlogger Wil Dasovich successfully blows the bottle cap and kicks the bottle into the proper recycling bin.


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Taekwondo champ Japoy Lizardo does it the ‘traditional’ way – roundhouse kicking the bottlecap and the plastic bottle into the recycling bin.

Challengers can kick, flick, elbow, blow, frisbee, basketball spin, or even mind control the bottle caps and PET bottles towards the collection bins.


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Model Kaila Estrada gets creative and hair-flips the cap off the bottle! The plastic bottle then goes straight to the recycling bin.

So, are you up to the # betterbottlecapchallenge? Show everyone how you kick an old habit goodbye by shooting your PET bottle in the most creative way!

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