‘Tala’ composer volunteered to write VP Leni jingle for free 2
VP Leni Robredo. Screengrab from "Kay Leni Tayo" video

‘Tala’ composer volunteered to write VP Leni jingle for free

Will the songwriter make Robredo a chart-busting hit in the upcoming elections?
ANCX Staff | Aug 13 2021

Whether or not she is running for the presidency in the 2022 elections, a song and music video on Vice President Leni Robredo, her virtues and contributions, was released online Wednesday this week. The two-minute and 19-second track was composed by Nica del Rosario, the lady who brought us the phenomenal Sarah G hit “Tala,” and Mat Olavides, a DJ and music producer. 

Entitled “Kay Leni Tayo,” the tune is fast and young, incorporating rap and carried by a melody that sounds like a background for a Tiktok dance challenge waiting to happen. But it’s not a campaign jingle, says PNoy-era Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda who is part of the #LetLeniLead group that instigated the project. And when asked if VP Leni herself has anything to do with the making of the song, Lacierda says she has no involvement in it. 

Nica del Rosario
Songwriter Nica del Rosario, from the #NoFilter documentary “Tala Nation.”

It’s an initiative of the volunteer group—essentially “a small chat group,” claims Lacierda—to express its conviction that the current Vice President should be the next Woman in Malacañang. “Essentially what we want to say is Leni is the leader who we want to be the next president of the country because her work speaks for itself,” says the former Cabinet secretary. “The things she has done during the pandemic are done from the framework of a leader. Despite the meagerness of her budget she has done so much during the pandemic, from her bakuna express to her libreng sakay for frontliners.”

As to how Nica del Rosario and company got involved, it all started with Leni stickers. Lacierda posted on Facebook that anyone who wanted #LetLeniLead stickers should just shoot him a PM. Which was what music producer Nolan Bernardino did. Being a fan of VP Leni, he wanted some of those stickers. Of course, it also happens that Nolan told Lacierda he runs a music publishing outfit called Flipmusic which has done jingles. “So I said, out of the blue, ‘Nolan can you do a jingle for us?'” says the ex-Cabinet member, recalling his exchange with the Leni fan in late July. 

And that’s how Nolan became the executive producer for the Leni jingle. Nolan brought in Nica to write the song, and Mat to produce the music. “It was all very exciting for us as supporters of VP Leni,” says Nica when asked what it was like working on the project. 

There was an initial brainstorming session with the #LetLeniLead camp to figure out what the song should say. “They wanted an upbeat, catchy track that can tell the nation who VP Leni is and what she can do,” Nica tells ANCX. “I felt a lot of pressure writing the song because I wanted to get it right, knowing how important this is, but I also felt very honored creating this with our team. All in all, it was a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.” 

It’s not the first time Flipmusic wrote a song involving a public official, but it’s their first time to volunteer their services for free. “Yes we volunteered to create a jingle na walang katapat na bayad. Galing sa puso,” says Nolan. “Gusto kasi namin mailabas yung katauhan ni Leni sa isang kanta and bilib kasi kami sa kakayanan niyang mamuno.”

“We all believe in what VP Leni stands for,” says Nica, echoing Nolan. Nica is also one of the vocalists on “Kay Leni Tayo,” performing with singers Jeli Mateo and Justine Peña. 

Lacierda has been very vocal about his support for VP Leni’s candidacy. He was, in fact, the first person to officially speak to her to run as Mar Roxas’s Vice Presidential running mate in the 2016 elections. Hence, every time the VP would introduce Lacierda, she would jokingly refer to him as “ang salarin.” Will his convincing powers work again this time? Lacierda says the decision to run as President will be completely up to the Vice President, and that they will respect her decision.