Photo from Alliance Global Inc.
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Is billionaire Andrew Tan singing ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ the soundtrack your weekend needs?

The man’s got a voice soaked in the liquid gold of Empe. 
ANCX | Aug 07 2020

Some people send food and others send stickers. The billionaire Andrew Tan, top dog at Alliance Global, owner of the brandy giant Emperador and co-owner of the Philippine franchise of McDonald’s, sends a song to greet his friends.

“Dr. Andrew L. Tan downloaded the Smule app and recorded this song by himself earlier today,” went the message that came with the Smule video that dropped on ANCX’s lap. “While others send inspiring messages, photos, and videos that are lifted from other sources, this he said, is his original creation that he wants to personally send out to his friends and loved ones to brighten up their day.” 

Smule is a social singing app—kind of like of an online karaoke. 

One of the richest men in the Philippines is known among family and friends to really love singing—and it sounds like singing loves him back: judging from the video, the guy’s got a crooner voice perfect for standards like the Elvis hit he’s rocking. 

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