After the QC ostrich chase, traffic-stopping pigs and runaway cows are now filling our feeds 2
A pig and a cow were spotted on running lose on separate highways in Cebu City and Iloilo City.

After the QC ostrich chase, traffic-stopping pigs and runaway cows are now filling our feeds

Who wrote you, 2020? BY BAM ABELLON
ANCX | Aug 05 2020

As if we haven’t had enough random, bewildering news trends in the past few months, Cebu Daily News (CDN) posted a video of a pig running along a flyover in Cebu City.

Behind the pig are two men chasing after it, and vehicles who are mirroring the animal’s pace. The scene looks like a procession with the tiny porker taking the lead. According to CDN’s report, the moment happened at the northbound lane of Barangay Banilad’s flyover.

In another “related news,” ABS-CBN News reported sightings of an escaped cow, trotting along a highway on Benigno Aquino Avenue, Iloilo City. As of press time, no other details have been given about the cow.

Following yesterday’s Quezon City ostrich chase, the universe seems to be favoring an “animals on the loose” theme to fill our collective consciousness. Maybe they’re mimicking all our cabin fever-fueled frustrations, maybe they’re making a statement on how animals should be able to roam free, or maybe this is merely something to momentarily distract us (innocently or not) from the even bigger craziness of our 2020 reality.   

But back to our swine fugitive: CDN said they have yet to find out what happened to the pig after, or to whom it belongs. The now-viral video has gained more than 139,000 views on Facebook, and a horde of pilosopo comments. One user, named Ember Moso said [edited for clarity], “Piglet sa Visayas, Ostrich sa Luzon. Mindanao, what can you say about the situation?” Another user, named Jon Braza Colita wrote, “That’s Babe. From Jumanji to Babe, welcome to 1995,” referring to the two 90s films.

Babe (1995) is a comedy about an orphan pig who wants to prove his worth by learning how to herd sheep. Jumanji (1995), on the other hand, is a fantasy adventure that revolves around a board game, which bring in frightening things from a jungle world, like rhinoceroses and elephants, all mindlessly wrecking and stampeding everything in their paths.

The Jumanji franchise (whether wisely or not) released sequels in 2005, 2017, and 2019. If the filmmakers are in search of inspiration for the next movie in the series, they shouldn’t look further than the last two days.


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