Recently, Amy Schumer posted a we-fie with her son’s nanny Jane, congratulating themselves on the Emmy nom. Photo from @ amyschumer on Instagram

Amy Schumer just shared her Emmy nomination with her nanny who is from the Philippines

The comedienne routinely gives a lot of props to her nanny, Jane, who acts as the on-site camera person in her nominated cooking show. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN 
ANCX | Jul 30 2020

When the complete list of the 72nd Emmy Awards were released two days ago, it included one Miss Amy Schumer and her recently launched Food Network show Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. The unapologetically-low budget show that premiered last May features the Peabody recipient and Trainwreck star alongside her husband, James Beard award-winning chef and farmer Chris Fischer. Shot at the couple’s home in Martha’s Vineyard, the reality program is produced with the help of their son Gene’s nanny Jane, who records the couple using a handheld camera—but only whenever little Gene is asleep. 

Yesterday on Instagram, Schumer gave Jane, who is from the Philippines, a lot of credit by posting a photo of them alongside a caption that reads: “We got nominated for an Emmy today (Chris too. But mostly us).”

The 39-year-old star of her own Emmy award-winning show Inside Amy Schumer seems to have a lot of affection for Jane, who she describes as a “full-time student and part-time nanny.” Earlier this year, Schumer also gave Jane social media props in another IG photo of them wearing skincare facial masks. “This is our nanny who makes it possible for me to work and know that our baby is happy and healthy. I love her very much and we also both want to have nice skin,” she writes in the post.

In one of the scenes of the show, Jane insists that Schumer inspired a lot of women in the Philippines.

A lot of viewers are similarly taking notice and being charmed by both the show and Jane. Dina Gachman, writing for InStyle, says that the show comes off as a semi-relatable, low budget romcom, and lines up Jane alongside Schumer and Fischer as a camera-toting “star” who sometimes laughs at the comedienne’s jokes. Daniel D’Addario, on the other hand, writes in a Variety review that the show is a

“surprising, load-lightening watch,” and “an elegantly, unfussily made document about learning to live, at least for a time, in a new world.”

There is then no further rationalization needed for the Emmy nod. Schumer’s show was nominated alongside the Netflix docuseries Cheer and comedy special Kevin Hart: Don’t F*ck This Up, VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Rage: Untucked, and the HBO series We’re Here. The ones credited for Learns to Cook include Schumer, Fischer, fellow executive producers Dan Cesareo, Lucilla D'Agostino, Jordana Starr, Faith Gaskins, and co-executive producer Lisa Koehler.

But, really, Jane should share a bit of the acclaim—not because we’re all groveling for examples of “Pinoy pride” however thin the thread—but because it’s deserved. For someone like Schumer, whose career and personal jam was built on relatability, her interactions with her nanny/DP just adds another comforting layer of adorability. Also, Jane’s sweet, innocent vibe lends a nice contrast to Amy’s pretend-bratty antics and hilarious double entendres. 

Last January, Schumer credited Jane for helping her get back to work after giving birth to her child. Photo from @ amyschumer on Instagram

“I’m a movie star. Jane says they know me in the Philippines. Jane let’s talk about… you said they know me in the Philippines, right?” Schumer asks Jane, going into a segment titled “Movie Night” in the 3rd of the 4-episode first season. 

“They know a lot about you…” Jane answers.

“Yes!” Schumer interjects.

“…how beautiful you are,” Jane continues.

“[Gasp] What? Me? You’re beautiful! I’m a hag,” the actress insists.

“You inspire a lot of women in my country…” Jane adds. [Uh okay.]

“And some special men,” Schumer half-jokes.

“Uhuh,” Jane, whose last name we wish we knew, agrees.

Now as for her camera work, Jane’s focus was needing a little improvement on the first two episodes but on the second half of the season it looks like she’s gotten the hang of it. All the better because the second season for Amy Schumer Learns to Cook has just been announced.