Five traits shared by some of the most successful people in the world 2
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Five traits shared by some of the most successful people in the world

While there is no cookie-cutter path to success, the way some of the world’s achievers live their lives might be worth emulating. Here are some factors that allows them to live a balanced life
Partner Feature | Jul 30 2019

To live a well-balanced life, the rules are pretty simple but never easy to follow. Do you go home to your family when there’s one last document to finish at the office? Do you jump on the treadmill, or just “Netflix and Chill?” Do you go for the greens, or just grab a burger? The point is, to have the right life balance, there must be some level of sacrifice, consciousness, and that basic goodness in our choices. Highly successful people often know how and when to strike a balance in the different aspect of their lives, whether they are dealing with work, family, social circles, or their personal well-being. The secret is often found in how they measure their decisions with the right values that are solidly in place. They know when to say “no” or say “yes,” “leave” or “stay,” or “speak up” or “shut up.”

If you feel that your life is tipping toward the negative end of the scale, it’s time to check the different aspects of your life and see which part is weighing it down. Or you can practice what successful people do to keep their lives in a healthy balance.


1. They find purpose in the work they do

Five traits shared by some of the most successful people in the world 3
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It’s important to wake up to something you are passionate about every morning and the rest will take care of itself. The same philosophy works for great leaders who’ve made their mark in their field or who have created something great from almost nothing. In her long career as an anchorwoman for a small network in Baltimore to a media executive known all over the world, Oprah Winfrey found purpose is educating underprivileged girls by putting up the Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. This noble act has blurred the lines between her title as media executive and philanthropist.

If you are in the middle of climbing up the career ladder, finding purpose and making a difference in your line of work is possible even in the simplest of ways. It can be contributing an idea or solution each time you enter a boardroom or it can be kind gesture like complimenting a colleague on her work. This way you leave a positive mark in everything you encounter.


2. They make time for the people who matter

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Successful people know that they wouldn’t be where they are without the unconditional support of their family. They know too that it’s family and friends who keep them grounded so it is important that they make time for them. There are so many ways to work around making time for the family despite work. Waking up or coming home from work earlier could mean bonding with family during mealtime. Bringing them along on business trips is another. Delegating work and simplifying decision-making processes allows more time devoted to family. Why else would Mark Zuckerberg choose to wear the same kind of clothes everyday when he can easily afford to buy an entire department store? That’s right, “to clear his life” and make as few decisions as possible and dedicate his time to where it matters.  


3. They enrich their spiritual well-being

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Spirituality can be practiced in so many ways—going to church, praying, meditating, practicing mindfulness, or being one with nature. A connection to a higher being and their inner selves keep successful people grounded despite fame or success. Why even the most famous (and notorious) celebrities from Madonna to Justin Bieber practice some kind of spirituality. A sense of spirituality solidifies your values and sense of right and wrong, making you live your life more conscientiously despite the pressures and demands of everyday life. One of the simplest ways of practicing spirituality is by keeping tabs on things—big and small—you are thankful of everyday.


4. They care for the community

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They know that they belong to a wider circle and they must go out there and see what they can contribute. After all, what are their gifts for beyond the accomplishments they’ve managed to achieve in their circle? Jon Stewart, successful comedian and former host of The Daily Show recently helped get the bill that would ensure a compensation fund for 9/11 victims approved in the Senate after pushing for it for years. He considers this the “honor of his life.” Such acts of generosity go a long way and may sometimes mean more to an individual than wealth or success.


5. They make health a priority

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Achievers know that their bodies have a limit and that a healthy lifestyle ensures longevity to see them through the many goals they want to accomplish in life. Their success is highly dependent on how far the machine they call “body” will get them there. They stay fit by keeping a regular activity they love. Thirty to an hour, three days a week is the minimum activity experts require. Sticking to a balanced diet of natural, organic, and health-boosting food is another advice that never grows old.

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