This 3,000-sqm mansion on a mountain comes with a jaw-dropping view of Taal 2
An aerial shot reveals that the mansion is shaped like three diamonds. Photo from the Presello website

This 3,000-sqm mansion on a mountain comes with a jaw-dropping view of Taal

But while the view outside is stunning, this casa’s interior is a marvel on its own   
RHIA GRANA | Jul 26 2021

The fact that this mansion is perched on a 3,000-square meter prime lot on a mountain should be enough to make you gasp. But this modern architectural gem also provides a front row view of Taal Lake, and it’s also a showcase of intricate, well-thought-out proudly Filipino design. 

The house’s name is Casa Montaña, one of the most notable projects of the interior design and architecture firm Imagimax. The architect behind the property is Miko Delos Reyes who says their firm puts a premium on sustainable architecture—which is very much reflected on this particular project.

Taal’s magnificent natural attractions are, of course, the driving forces that influenced Casa Montaña’s design. An aerial shot reveals that the house is shaped like three diamonds. Architect Miko decided to design the house this way so that the homeowners could enjoy a perfect vista of the Taal Lake and volcano, whichever area of the house they may find themselves in. In fact, each of the six luxurious bedrooms has a balcony.

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The floor area of the residence measures 1,700 square meters. And it’s high ceiling only makes the space look even more spacious. Every corner is a conversation starter, with each detail thoughtfully added. Even the door handles are works of art. The mansion’s front door, for example, is adorned by a metal work from renowned sculptor Impy Pilapil. 

The walls are points of interest, too, filled as they are with sketches of Fernando Amorsolo, the homeowners’ collection of swords and knives, paintings by various artists, and family portraits. The powder room has a nice surprise—a hand-painted image of the ylang-ylang by Architect Miko himself. Adorning its cabinets are art pieces and figurines from North to South of the Philippines. Also a sure conversation piece in the mansion are its señorita steps—built from the treads and stairs of the owners’ ancestral home.

The mansion is almost like a resort home, with its infinity pool, a lush garden, two wall-less bahay kubos that can be used as a meditation room or a massage area. Each bahay kubo costs as much as a small house, says Presello video host Julia Richards as the builders tried to stay authentic to the original traditional Filipino home. 

The property, which is a beauty inside and out, took over two years to build and a year to design, and one can see why. Architect Miko says the Casa Montaña mansion could very well be every architect’s dream project.