Why Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was sizzling hot on Twitter 2
Photo from Wolfgang's Steakhouse Facebook account

Sizzling hot: Famous BGC steakhouse trends after tweet triggers netizens

Warning: This story might make you crave for a good ribeye
ANCX Staff | Jul 24 2022

One of the easiest ways to gather recommendations, reactions, opinions, and advice is by crowdsourcing thru social media. Thus we see it often in our feeds: people inquiring about all sorts of things—from ‘what’s the best samgyeopsal restaurant in BGC?’ to concerns that require technical expertise, even answers to life’s big questions, e.g. ‘How do you tell your friend he has bad breath?’

So it’s not exactly surprising to encounter a post asking for dating advice.

“I asked a girl out on a date and her reply was: 

‘Sure. I’m free Saturday. Let’s have dinner at Wolfgang?’ 

“Your thoughts?”

The tweet was from Chris Tan, a familiar content creator/influencer/opinion maker who’s likely appeared on your social media feeds especially frequently during the presidential campaign season. But while he was talking about Marcos Sr.’s presidency and trying to correct fake news then, last Friday he was just being bachelor Chris seeking dating wisdom. Or, you know, he was just trying to rouse Twitterverse.

Tan, who identifies himself as a Mensan (meaning a member of Mensa, or that group of people with incredibly high IQs) in his social media bio, was clearly asking his followers two things: 1) Should he still go out with the lady who suggested the BGC restaurant, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, as a date place? and 2) What kind of a lady is she, this woman who would suggest a swanky, pricey steak place for a date? A quick look at the restaurant’s menu will tell you that a USDA prime dry-aged sirloin steak, served with mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and New York style cheesecake at Wolfgang’s could set a single diner back by P3,750.00. Sans the VAT and service charge. 

If Tan was just trying to shake up social media that day, let’s just say “mission accomplished.” Wolfgang didn’t only make it to Twitter’s trending topics, the Tweet inspired a wealth of responses that ran the gamut from analytical (people contemplating the state of contemporary dating) to helpful but funny (Jover Laurio of @PinoyAkoBlog said Tan should have been more specific where he intended to treat the girl. “Puwede ba tayong lumabas? Libre kita sa Jollyjeep. Ganun”) to actually suggesting a way out of paying for an expensive dinner (@tekigik recommended this response: “Wolfgangs great but am vegan on Saturdays.”). 

There were those who were quick to roll their eyes over Tan’s tweet. After all, didn’t he sound like he was throwing shade at a lady all for suggesting an expensive restaurant? In the first place, why even tweet about it? 

“Nanay advice: if you are going to ask someone out, the world doesn't need to know,” went one response. 

“In this age of hyper social media, it's actually not prude that you'd be tweeting this scenario,” went another. “What for, if i may ask? Doesnt reflect very well on you, in my opinion.”

“Dude, what are you, twelve?” went another reply. 

And finally: “God basically saved the girl's life.”

There were also those who were quick to judge the lady. “So high maintenance,” someone said. “Demanding.” “Rude.” Some even went as far as saying “May pagka-gold digger.” 

But someone pointed out, too, how refreshing it was to read many comments that took the woman’s side this time and appreciated her for knowing what she wants  (and knowing the value of efficiency—she said yes and quickly picked a date spot. We bet she’s a champion of day-to-night dressing, too.) 

“Before you asked her out, you kind of know her standards, if her lifestyle turns you off, why did you ask her out?” asked one netizen. 

“She clearly knows what she wants, now if you can’t afford this, tell her that it’s too pricey for your budget and suggest an alternative,” went one advice. 

“Dude, if you can’t afford it, tell her,” advised another. “Don’t post on social media making it look like she’s high-maintenance.”

Another comment: “I don’t know, but if you asked her out, it’s sort of implied that you’re treating. If this is our first date and it’s kkb, you can be sure it will be our last.”

Meanwhile, here are a couple more funny advice directed to Tan:

If Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is a little too pricey for a first date, @AkosiMang_Tomas suggested “Sizzling Plate muna.”

@sisigqueen, on the other hand, thought it would be wise for Tan to ask for his date’s order in advance.

Tan has since responded to the comments. Plot twist: it’s a social experiment—or at least that’s what his follow up tweet implies.

But we like @janina_carine’s plot twist better: “A guy asked me out on a date and I replied I’m free on Saturday and asked if he wants dinner at Wolfgang. He didn’t reply and posts it on Twitter instead. Your thoughts?”