Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week 2
Clint Bondad started posting on his Instagram account again after going on a months-long hiatus. Photo from @clintbodad on Instagram

Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week

Miss Universe’s ex recently made a comeback on social media and it’s been engrossing. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN
ANCX | Jul 19 2020

Over the past week, many on social media cannot seem to get enough of Clint Bondad and his cryptic social media behavior.

The actor-model went on a social media hiatus in February, just before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the country to go on lockdown. He reemerged this month, with a bathroom selfie posted on Instagram of him sporting a ripped physique and a full-on trucker-style beard. The post had an all-caps headline that read “CRACKED THE HOME WORKOUT CODE,” and also showed different-colored scribbles on the wall behind him.

Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week 3
Photo from @clintbodad on Instagram

What got folks’ mouths abuzzing, however, is his IG stories. It’s a bizarre gift that just keeps on giving, filled with seemingly pointed messages and apparent allusions particularly to his ex-girlfriend, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and her current beau Sam Milby.

Born in 1994, Bondad grew up in Germany and attended high school in Frankfurt. After high school, he moved to the Philippines and studied at the Trinity University of Asia. He started modeling after college and appeared in magazines such as the local editions of EsquireCosmopolitan, and Men’s Health. This eventually led to a showbiz a career and a role in the ABS-CBN afternoon drama series Be My Lady, which starred Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga.

Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week 4
Bondad and Gray were together for six years before breaking up early 2019. Photo from ABS-CBN News

Before breaking up months after Gray won the Miss Universe crown, she and Bondad were together for six years. “I was massively depressed for a long time and I literally blamed anything and everyone except our relationship,” he said back then about the split. “I wouldn't even allow it in the realm of possibilities. But my protective personality and shielding of the relationship made me unable to see things clear and rational. It became counterproductive.” 

The words “clear” and “rational,” however, may not exactly be the appropriate words to describe his recent social media posts. Many have even expressed their concern for Bondad’s mental health. 

Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week 5
Photo from @clintbodad on Instagram

“P.S. I create Queens Because I push Yiu Beyon£D all Your Limits,” the 26-year-old writes over two IG stories. On the other hand, it took three separate IG stories to write, “Don’t worry. I am only… the Ex.” In another, the words “It’s comfy here” is placed over a desaturated photo of himself with his eyes all aglow.

Bondad also shared an apparent screenshot of him messaging Milby’s Instagram account saying “Do you want to be my client,” followed by “Your rate shall increase after 5:30.” The post had the words “How about we have a little chat” over the screenshot. 


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Then there is the slightly more threatening IG story that reads “Nobody can judge me I know your dirty Little Secrets Too… well.” Another one of his strange pronouncements says that dating apps are not church; some observers have taken to alluding to how Milby and Gray say they met in church.

He also habitually shares some of his fans’ posts that tag him on IG (it’s usually along the lines of “if Clint Bondad notices this I will do this”)—which is something even our friends do, tbh—and sometimes replies to those who comment on his photos. When asked what happened to his contract with GMA in one comment, he simply replied, “I burned it.” 

But is he spilling tea? Or is he just talking about, well, tea. (He does seem to love talking about tea. Last year, Bondad likened winning the Miss Universe crown as the equivalent of “sitting in a burning house and someone asking you, ‘Finish your chamomile tea or get your sweet ass out of here ASAP?!’ It's not a question about personal preference but urgent priority!” Seriously, dude.)

Why Clint Bondad’s Instagram has been trending in the past week 6
Photo from @clintbodad on Instagram

Or maybe he’s selling tea? A recent theory speculated that this was actually some sort of weird marketing campaign to pave the way for a fitness plan and supplement line that he will launch soon. Last year, he quit ASAP coverboys because he was feeling the strain of the group’s commitments and he wanted to focus on his businesses.

We don’t know exactly know where this is going or if it is even anyone’s place to jump to conclusions. Maybe this is all just marketing by way of gossipy curious bating, or maybe it’s his way of working through his own issues—even if that way seems outlandish. Maybe he’s just yearning for attention. Maybe we should all just realize that it’s his own account, and we can all shove our opinions and assumptions down where the sun don’t shine. 

Or maybe the guy just really loves tea.