MeWe says it puts a premium on your data privacy.
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What you need to know about MeWe, the social media platform competing against Facebook

Can this little digital upstart topple a social media giant? BY JAM PASCUAL
ANCX | Jul 09 2020

What kind of social media platform would be crazy enough to go up against a colossus like Facebook, you might ask? The same kind of platform that refuses to play the game of mass surveillance expansion by drawing up a Privacy Bill of Rights.

I’m talking about MeWe. It’s got all the bells and whistles of a social media app. You’ve got a profile picture, you can share photos, you can look for friends, you’ve got a feed, you can chat.

But here’s the most important thing you need to know about MeWe, the app that dares to go up against what is perhaps the most powerful internet entity in the world: it never fails to underscore that it actually gives a crap about your privacy. Their Privacy Bill of Rights—which is actually worth a read, unlike the Terms of Agreement which everybody skips—details how exactly MeWe plans to treat your information. You’ll never get third-party advertisements or targeted third-party content. They don’t use facial recognition technology. They don’t sell your information to anybody. “You own your personal information and content,” the Bill states. “It is explicitly not ours.” You can read more about MeWe’s Privacy Policy here.

Did we mention that counted in MeWe’s Advisory Board is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the literal inventor of the World Wide Web?

It was founded by Mark Weinstein in 2012 in Culver City, California.

All of that is a big deal. Over the years we’ve come to accept, by virtue of Facebook having been around for so long and becoming so necessary for day-to-day living, that there’s no alternative. Even though Facebook have been deservedly questioned about misusing our personal information time and time again. MeWe promises not to be Big Brother. Do we have reason to be excited?

Right now, it’s hard to say. There have been no signs of a mass exodus from Facebook to other platforms, even though other apps like Mastodon have branded themselves as networks that give social media back to the people.

It could also be that MeWe is a flash in the pan, like other apps like Foursquare and Plurk (remember those?), which vanished just as soon as they arrived. There’s also a thing called MeWe Premium which gives you unlimited video and voice calling and 100GB of Cloud Storage, which sounds like the sort of shit that should come free with the basic package. The account I made is already free, so why should I pay? But I dunno, dude. Once upon a time, Yahoo! Messenger seemed as inescapable as the divine right of kings.

I have a MeWe account. It’s a little empty (I know like, one dude on it) and the interface looks a little corny. Still, it’s easier on my eyes than Facebook’s soul-destroying shade of blue.


You can find more information on MeWe here.