Netizens react to Hizon’s Inauguration Day closure post 2
Photos from Hizon's Cakes and Pastries' Instagram account

Hizon’s Cakes & Pastries announced store closure due to inauguration—this is how netizens reacted

Did the Internet spot an eye roll where there was none?
ANCX Staff | Jun 30 2022

All roads led to the National Museum of Fine Arts Thursday as Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was sworn in as the 17th president of the Republic of the Philippines.

The event came with the imposition of road closures in several parts of Metro Manila—namely Padre Burgos Ave., Finance Rd, Ma. Orosa St. (from TM Kalaw to P. Burgos), Gen. Luna St. (from P. Burgos to Muralla St.), Ayala Blvd, Victoria St. (from Taft Avenue to Muralla St). The closures were scheduled from 4 AM until 11 PM of June 30. 

Delays in deliveries—of essentials or otherwise—were expected due to the traffic and rerouting. So perhaps to avoid unnecessary hassle, not only for their customers but for their establishment as well, Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries, located in Bocobo Street in Ermita, Manila, decided to take Thursday off. The break was announced on Instagram to warn patrons. But there was something about the post some netizens found intriguing. The message went: “WE WILL BE CLOSED ON JUNE 30 DUE TO THE ROAD CLOSURES IMPOSED BY THIS INCOMING GOVERNMENT.” 

The all caps is all Hizon’s but was there a shade there somewhere? Or were netizens just imagining an eye roll or an emphasis on the words “THIS INCOMING GOVERNMENT”? After all, the bake shop’s IG account has come up with a few pro-Leni Robredo posts in the past. 

Anyway, the comments section exploded with all sorts of one-liners and emojis, letting the establishment know they got the message, wink wink. It seems the cake and pastry shop wasn’t trying to be sweet with this one, despite the “thank you” at the bottom of the note. Or was this a case of netizens reading between the lines when they don’t have to? 

Here’s a sampling of the reactions: 

“I can imagine the deep sigh and rolling of eyes 🙄” commented msjiggsaw.

“Eye roll at the incoming ….” dreaming_but_awake agreed.

“😂 yassss no chill love it 😂😂😂” wrote aisslinnn.

“Gigil yarn💖💖💖” mujer_emilia posted.

“Bittersweet sarcasm hey 😂” said van_mata.

taray ni hizon!” santosantit2totoo remarked.

“Hizon’s sakalam 💖” sasha_hawkins wrote.

ampalaya cake pls!🤘🏽” teased i19jklm

Some fans expressed their support for the bake shop. After all, that’s a day of zero sales.

Bibili pa rin ako dyan. kahit may pait sa dulo.😀” said jobzmercado.

“With that ill order cakes for our upcoming bday celebrations.😍 hayyy incoming government,” wrote dindimacatangay.

Makaorder nga ng cake. Apir, Hizon's!” said nathanarciaga.

The brand is known among its loyal fans for its cakes and pastries but recently it’s also gained popularity for the frankness of its social media posts.

“I’m learning how to respond intelligently & unemotionally to unintelligent & pointless queries & rants. It’s tough…” read a note Hizon’s posted last month.

And to those who kept mistaking it for another Hizon’s, a post had this to say: “For the nth time, we are not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Hizon’s catering.”

Last May 8, Mother’s Day, Hizon’s wished all mothers a happy one—but not the brats they gave birth to (or married). “Happy Mother’s Day. Nagsulputan na naman po ng mga spoiled and entitled na ayaw pumila at maghintay at walang pakundangang nagmumura pa kasi hindi nila nakuha ang gusto nila. Mabuhay kayo!”

Hizon’s will tell you what other brands won’t. Like that one day in March when it addressed erring seniors and PWDs. “It is privilege and right to use your senior citizen’s card,” a post went. “But to use five senior and 2 PWD cards to purchase one cake is bordering on abusive.”

A cake shop unafraid to show its not-so-sweet side? You know the online world loves a little flash of personality, especially when it’s coming from a place they least expect it.