Did you know you can now insure your dog via GCash? 2
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Did you know you can get your dog up to P400K insurance coverage via GCash?

Here’s how to get your fur babies—and you—covered.
ANCX Staff | Jun 09 2022

Dogs are one of the best blessings humans have been given. An excited, tail-wagging, tongue-sticking-out pupper is the ultimate mood booster and stress reliever after a long day. As the saying goes, we don’t deserve dogs. Where we see them as an additional companion, in their eyes we are the world.

So we must work at being deserving of their love. We know it takes a great amount of time, money, attention and patience to care for these four-legged besties. Being a good fur parent goes beyond just giving them regular baths; it entails taking them to proper groomers. It is more than just providing food and water; it’s ensuring they get proper nutrients. It goes beyond having them dewormed and giving them anti-rabies shots; it’s giving them supplements, too, and having them checked by the vet when necessary.

As the world gets back on its feet and dogs step back out of homes more and more, they’ll be exposed to greater health and safety risks. To make sure they—and their owners—are covered, GCash, the popular app for payments and financial services, thru its Pet Insure feature, is offering an affordable, convenient, and comprehensive way to get pet insurance.

With Pet Insure, pet owners are able to provide the best care for their dogs in the face of unexpected circumstances without having to break the bank with every visit to the vet. For only Php267 per month, dog owners can receive full year coverage with 3-in-1 insurance products, and a maximum coverage of Php400,000. Packages include the following: 

● Medical Reimbursement: In cases where the dog needs to undergo check-ups, tests/scans, surgery, GInsure will cover the expenses based on the covered amount of the insurance plan. 

● Cruciate Ligament Injuries: These are extremely painful knee joint injuries/ruptures the dog may possibly get due to repeated trauma or arthritic disease. The chosen Pet Insure plan can also cover these cases so long as they are not intentionally inflicted injuries. 

● Burial Assistance: In the unfortunate circumstance the dog needs to be put down due to sickness and/or old age, GInsure’s Pet Insure can help alleviate the added stress of costly burial services.

● Owner’s Liability: Because it can’t be avoided that a dog can cause an accident, the insurance can help cover any legal liabilities to third parties due to the dog’s actions. 

In order to avail of this Pet Insure service, pet owners will only need to have a fully verified GCash account, proof of Philippine citizenship or legal residence for foreigners, and a house dog between the ages of 6 months to 8 years.

Pet Insure can be found under the GInsure Marketplace, a one-stop shop for all GCash users’ insurance needs. Just go to the GCash dashboard and click the GInsure icon. Proceed to the “Lifestyle” category and click on Pet Insure (Dog) to select and avail the best insurance plan.

To know more about the service, visit https://www.gcash.com/