This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 2
United we stand: Kelly Misa, Mads Humphries, Xandra Rocha, Ria Prieto, Tricia Centenera and Mika Lagdameo, all in Cabbana swimwear. Photograph by Joseph Pascual.

This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend

If you need convincing that life is still beautiful.
ANCX Staff | Jun 07 2019

The first time we encountered the pictures, it quickly brought us back to the supermodel era, and the supermodel ensemble portraits that graced many a magazine cover. It took us back to the ambitious years of print when mags and editors moved heaven and earth to gather a select group of A-list beauties in one place for one cover. Heck, it took us back to the days of print, period. But it also got us wondering how fantastic would it have been to be around all these beautiful women the day they shot this latest campaign for Cabanna Living, the local swimwear line made of “82 percent recycled fiber.”

This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 3
Golden hour: the girls in El Nido.

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This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 4
In the swim of things: all of the women except Humphries are mothers, which made for a better bond among the women, says Centenera..

Does it get better than this? Consider the lineup: Tricia Centenera, Kelly Misa, Ria Prieto, Carla Humphries, Xandra Rocha, and Mikaela Lagdameo. It was a gathering dreamed up by owner Dimples La ‘O. “She wanted to put together a group of girls,” says Centenera, “but she didn’t want models, she wanted real girls. Girls who actually have a bond.” Three of the new mom's best friends are in the shoot: Humphries, Lagdameo, and Prieto. Prieto spoke to her first about the shoot. It had only been three months and a half after Centenera gave birth when she was approached for the gig. Would you do it to really celebrate your post-baby body? asked Prieto. You just went through such an amazing thing! And who do you think will come along?

This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 5
Caught unaware: the girls take a break.

Centenera also got to choose the photographer: Joseph Pascual. "I’ve worked with Joseph Pascual for years and years and years,” says Centenera. “He shoots and directs so well.”

This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 6
Catching up at a beautiful wooden boat that was both backdrop and ride for the shoot.

The women were photographed over three days in El Nido last April. They visited Corong-corong and Maremegmeg and a beautiful private beach. “It didn’t feel like work,” continues Centenera. And because everyone in the group except Humphries has had the experience of having a baby, “Everyone was very encouraging, trying to help style each other, encouraging each other to look and feel their best.”

This swimsuit shoot just made our weekend 7
Real life friends Centenera and Lagdameo.

As the pictures show, everyone looked absolutely hot. “It’s one of those shoots I always hope for,” says photographer Pascual, “easy and light, with great company.”


Photographs by Joseph Pascual