Reporter Michael Delizo on work, fitness and newfound fame 2
Michael Delizo does have a very busy work schedule but he makes sure to have time for his fitness activities. Photos courtesy of Delizo

Meeting Michael Delizo: The reporter of the hour on work, his athletic life, and growing following

The Patrol ng Pilipino newsman spends a lot of time producing his engaging reports, and the online world is paying attention
RHIA GRANA | May 28 2023

Reporter Michael Delizo has been a familiar name and face on ABS-CBN TV and online, covering hard news for DZMM Teleradyo and TV Patrol Weekend for six years now. Recently, however, the 30-year-old reporter has attracted a lot of attention on the internet, particularly on Twitter and TikTok. His engaging and entertaining style of delivering information via the short features of Patrol ng Pilipino is winning him new fans. 

In one of Delizo’s videos, which has now earned over a million views, he tried to navigate some of the problematic walking infrastructures on Edsa. In another, he had a fun (and very wholesome) “Kantunan” feature, where he sampled a few eateries in Intramuros that are a big hit among students (one of the popular meals is a pansit canton, hence the feature title). 

His latest video about La Loma, Quezon City’s recent Lechon Festival, which also trended on Twitterverse the past week, put the spotlight on one of the country’s most popular dishes but also raised an important health issue—the rising number of hypertensive Filipinos.

The reporter is winning the hearts of netizens not only with his creative way of presenting informative content, his antics and witty punchlines, but also, apparently, with his good looks and boyish charm. “’Yong smile talaga eh. Apakacute, jojowain..” one commented on his kantunan video. “Para siyang kuya o uncle ni Argus!!!” wrote another. Argus is the winsome five-year-old kid on “It’s Showtime!” 

May pila po for @michael_delizo hndi sa litson. Pumila ng maayos, wag magtulakan,” a netizen wrote on his litsunan video. “Pakurot din ako…kay sir,” another chimed in, as if Delizo himself is the lechon. One even called Delizo the “new eye candy ng @ABSCBNNews” while another rechristened him “Michael De Licious.”

We asked the moreno reporter how he feels about the newfound attention the public is giving him and here’s what he had to say: 

“Of course it’s overwhelming,” he said, blushing. “Nakakakilig, nakakatuwa.” But he also admitted he gets a little embarrassed because most of the comments on his videos are about him, not what he’s reporting on. “Hangga’t maaari, iniiwasan ko lang na ma-focus sa akin ang atensyon imbis na sa content.”

Patrol ng Pilipino, which started this April, is a new online initiative of ABS-CBN News that intends to reach the younger crowd thru informative, relatable, short vertical format videos that discuss relevant issues and topics.

“Our goal really is to engage with people, to lure viewers back to watch the news, kasi parang nawawalan ng interest ang tao sa news,” he observed. “They want short entertaining videos that are also informative.”

Delizo says he was at first hesitant to join the series because it required a non-traditional kind of storytelling. “Kasi nasanay ako na structured, straightforward, serious news,” he told ANCX. “My first content was about EDCA [Enhanced Defense Cooperation] and I really had a hard time making that fun and engaging.”

And then he decided to just be himself—let his cheerful personality shine through. And it worked! His videos have been getting a lot of engagements and netizens are even suggesting ideas on what he could feature next.  

Delizo writes and edits his own videos. He clearly spends a considerable amount of time producing them. “I try to be more creative about it so there are many transitions and effects, kaya minsan late na rin natatapos ang work,” he offered.

Delizo is a graduate of Bachelor in Broadcast Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He earned his Master’s Degree in Communication at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School.

He’s been working as a journalist for 12 years now, starting out at DZRH. He later worked in print: at The Manila Bulletin writing entertainment stories as well as movie and theater reviews, and at The Manila Times covering the political beat. In 2017, he got an opportunity to join Radyo Patrol on Teleradyo and also do news reports for TV Patrol Weekend. Apart from being a journalist, Delizo currently teaches media and communication courses at PUP.

Delizo discusses a lot of health-related topics in Patrol ng Pilipino, and that’s because he’s a health buff. The guy walks the talk. “Kung anuman ang sinasabi ko sa video, I’m really adopting it.” He said he’s not into sugar. He doesn’t eat pork or beef because he supports animal welfare.

The reporter, who stands 5’5”, has been a rock climbing enthusiast since 2017, and this shows in his athletic physique. “Rock climbing introduced me to different kinds of sports that would improve my core and stability—obstacle courses, running, swimming,” he said. “I did not aim to have this kind of body, magkaroon ng abs, pero parang sumunod na lang siya. I’m just doing what I love.” 

He does have a very busy work schedule but he makes sure to have time for his fitness activities. “Parang hindi ako nagpapahinga e,” he said, smiling. “Every day I have an activity. Kung wala ako sa gym, I do yoga, or I do outdoor running.” He usually climbs at a rock climbing gym in Imus, Cavite, where he lives. The sport has taken him to several provinces around the country, as well as some crags in Taiwan and Japan.

He also dabbles in painting and was part of Teatro Komunikado, PUP College of Communication’s theater group. This gave him the opportunity to do cameo roles for documentary shows in TV 5 and QTV Channel 11. He was also part of a modeling group in school. But entering show business never crossed his mind. “To become a journalist was really my goal,” he said. “So I used those opportunities for connections, and to develop my confidence and other requisite skills to become a news reporter.”

His online fans find him “cute.” Was he a campus heartthrob in college? “I can't say,” he laughs, his eyes crinkling. “I didn't see myself as the crush-worthy type. I was single for a very long time, like 10 years, so I thought I wasn't jowable.”

So we asked what we assume many of Delizo’s followers are dying to know: may jowa na ba siya? He pauses before answering: “May nanalo na.”