A 295-seater Airbus A350 was used in the flight going to Barbados.
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PAL flies to Barbados, helping stranded seafarers in Manila get back home

Our national carrier continue its mission of helping the stranded get back to their homes by going on a milestone flight to the Caribbean country.
ANCX | May 24 2020

Utilizing a 295-seater Airbus A350, Philippine Airlines flew to Barbados carrying 252 seafarers of the Royal Carribean of the Sea Cruise line. Before taking the PAL flight on May 20, the seafarers—composed of US nationals and Latin Americans—were in quarantine for several weeks at the cruise ship which was docked in Manila. They were finally given the green light to return home.

The seafarers were in quarantine in Manila for several weeks, and only got the green light to fly home recently.

After touching down at Bridgetown, Barbados, the seafarers took flights to their respective home-countries: Jamaica, Honduras, Sta. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Haiti, Grenada, Nicaragua, Guyana, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama, Bahamas, Uruguay, and the US.

The PPE-wearing cabin crew that flew with the 252 seafarers, which were mostly US nationals and Latin Americans.

Since the start of the enhanced community quarantine period, PAL has been carrying out sweeper flights and international special flights to ferry the stranded home, in coordination with foreign embassies and shipping lines.

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