PR5112 picked up stranded seafarers in Miami yesterday after flying for around 16 hours straight.
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PAL flies to Miami amid COVID to fetch 347 Filipino seafarers and bring them home

The national carrier’s PR5112 is currently en route home after fetching our kababayans and flying direct to Miami for the first time. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN
ANCX | May 20 2020

On a mission to fetch 347 Filipinos seafarers of the Royal Carribean Cruise Line, Philippine Airlines flew a direct flight from Manila to Miami yesterday. Making use of a Boeing 777 (RP-C7772) aircraft, the milestone flight was 16 hours and nine minutes long, traversing 9,316 miles.

The flight left Manila just after midnight yesterday, and arrived in Miami at around 4 P.M.

That flight, PR5112, left Manila just after midnight (12:14 A.M.) and landed at around 4 P.M. Miami time. It is one of the longest direct flights ever to land in Miami, an achievement partially made possible by its relatively light load going in to the US.

PR5112 was headed by Capt. Rommel Quizon, First Officer Joseph Marvin Jumaquio, Second Officer Jose Miguel Cajucom, and Second Officer Elijah Len Alcantara. The same team will, of course, will lead the flight back home. After picking up the seafarers, the aircraft will make a technical stop in Los Angeles before taking off for Manila. They are expected to arrive back in the country tomorrow.

It was the first time that PAL flew to Miami from Manila direct.

While this is a special circumstance serving a specific need to bring the Pinoy seafarers home, some experts say that we may see more of these ultra-long haul flights. “The lightweight tech and new fuel-efficient engines mean we will likely see increasing numbers of flights pushing the boundaries of possibility,” writes Emily Derrick in a piece for aviation news website Simple Flying.