Coronavirus, Taiwan, Dalgona Coffee, and other terms Pinoys googled the most in April 2
Most searched on Google this April: Taiwan's COVID-19 strategies, Dalgona coffee, and all things related to COVID-19 infection. Photos from ABS-CBN News and Freepik.

Coronavirus, Taiwan, Dalgona Coffee, and other terms Pinoys googled the most in April

Google Philippines recently revealed the country’s COVID-19 search trends. Apart from wanting to be informed about everything about the disease, it seemed that Pinoys spent a lot of time cooking.
ANCX | May 12 2020

Google Philippines recaps the most searched COVID-19 items among Filipinos last month. The results reveal how Filipinos are using Google Search to cope with the community quarantine period and look for information about the pandemic. Below is the Google Trends results summary:

The chart below shows Filipinos’ search interest for coronavirus this 2020 from January to date:

Coronavirus, Taiwan, Dalgona Coffee, and other terms Pinoys googled the most in April 3

Most searched coronavirus-related questions in April

  1. What is coronavirus?
  2. Is coronavirus airborne?
  3. Is there a cure for coronavirus?
  4. How many cases of coronavirus in the Philippines?
  5. When will coronavirus end?
  6. How to prevent coronavirus?
  7. What country has no coronavirus?
  8. When did coronavirus start?
  9. How to know if you have coronavirus?
  10. How does Taiwan control coronavirus?


Most searched coronavirus-related terms in April

  1. Coronavirus update
  2. Coronavirus Philippines
  3. Worldometer coronavirus
  4. Coronavirus symptoms
  5. Coronavirus stats
  6. Coronavirus cases
  7. Coronavirus death toll
  8. Coronavirus vaccine
  9. Italy coronavirus
  10. Coronavirus USA


Regions as ranked by search interest for coronavirus in April

  1. Central Visayas
  2. Eastern Visayas
  3. Caraga
  4. Northern Mindanao
  5. Zamboanga Peninsula
  6. Western Visayas
  7. Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
  8. Cordillera Administrative Region
  9. Metro Manila
  10. Davao Region


Most searched terms by topic in April

Questions for symptoms

  1. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  2. What are the mild symptoms of COVID-19?
  3. Is diarrhea a symptom of COVID-19?
  4. What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?
  5. Ano ang mga sintomas ng coronavirus? (What are the symptoms of coronavirus?)
  6. What are the signs of pregnancy?
  7. How can you get infected with COVID-19? 
  8. What to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19?
  9. Dry throat means what?
  10. How many days before COVID-19 shows symptoms?



  1. Carbonara recipe

  2. Maja blanca recipe

  3. Pancake recipe

  4. Banana cake recipe

  5. Puto recipe

  6. Menudo recipe

  7. Leche flan recipe

  8. Pandesal recipe

  9. Chicken curry recipe

  10. Dalgona coffee recipe

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