Why this video of a potbellied pet pig is going viral 2
Majo Huertas with his pet pig Luna. Photo courtesy of Huertas

Belly cute! Why this video of a potbellied pet pig and its owner is going viral

Meet Luna, a white potbellied bundle of joy that might have convinced his new human to swear off pork chops forever
ANCX Staff | May 11 2022

A video of a white potbellied pig performing tricks for her human is making the rounds of the internet. We came across the post—now with over 2,700 shares and 233K views—on dog trainer Tristan Huertas’ Milo and Friends Facebook page. Its caption goes: “AYAW KO NA KUMAIN NG PORK CHOP” followed by a laughing emoji. We totally get why.
The video shows Tristan’s cousin Majo Huertas teaching his pet pig Luna to “come,” “sit” and “stay.” The adorable 35-kilo hog seems to be happily obeying Majo’s commands, wiggling its tail as a cacophony of barking dogs seem to cheer from the background. It may seem like it’s Luna who’s barking but it’s actually one of Majo’s dogs whose name also happens to be Luna.

Majo tells ANCX that he just bought the five-month-old swine yesterday upon the request of his seven-year-old son. Luna’s previous owner had to give her up; having gotten too busy to look after the pig. 

Majo, a dog-trainer for five years, taught Luna some basic tricks in less than an hour. “Nakikita ko din naman sa YouTube na trainable din ang mga pigs kaya (I tried it). At totoo nga, mabilis siya pumick-up,” he says. It’s his first time to train a pig so he was surprised it learns even faster than most dogs.
And like most dogs, Luna likes to be petted and is quite clingy. “Pag binigyan mo siya ng affection, mas grabe ang ibabalik niya,” Majo observes. She also likes to bond with humans and likes being called by her name—given to her by the previous owner. 

Luna the pig
Luna with Majo's kids

The pig seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings quite splendidly. She’s been eating quite a lot. “Ngayon ang binibigay ko sa kanya puro gulay at prutas muna kasi overweight siya,” says Majo. Once she’s dropped some pounds, Majo can start teaching him other tricks like spinning and rolling over. “Sa ngayon, diet muna,” the trainer says laughing. 

Luna’s sleeping quarters is one of Majo’s dog cages but at daytime she’s free to roam around the house. The pig smells fresh and clean, in case you want to know. “Kung ano yung pet soap na ginamit sa kanya, yun ang amoy nya,” his new owner offers.

Luna the pig
The 35-kilo potbellied pig is currently on a diet, consuming mainly vegetables and fruits.

Meanwhile, netizens can’t get over the white pig’s cuteness. “Mahalin at alagaan niyo po siya tulad ng aso, matalino at malambing rin po sila,” said one comment. “Huwag niyo po siyang katayin,” said another. Not a few have been inspired to get a pet pig of their own. Someone said it’s a good thing pigs are being embraced as pets, too. 

Everything’s been good in the Huertas home so far with the addition of its new resident, says Majo—except he might have lost his liking for pork. “May nag-invite sa akin kagabi, nag-iihaw ng baboy. Di talaga ako kumain. Nawalan ako ng gana kumain ng baboy. Ang hilig ko pa naman sa adobong baboy,” he says. It sounds like Luna has not only given happiness to her new home but a healthier diet too.

Photos courtesy of Majo Huertas