Udenna’s Dennis Uy: “Mataas ang respeto ko sa nagawa at patuloy na ginagawa ng ABS-CBN.”

Dennis Uy denies interest to take over Kapamilya network: ‘Mataas ang respeto ko sa ABS-CBN’

As a direct reply to an opinion piece published on ANCX, the businessman quashed rumors of a supposed plot to get the network’s frequency. 
ANCX | May 11 2020

A few days after ABS-CBN went off the air, ANCX published an opinion piece that was penned by Rafael S.G. Ongpin. There, he laid down his thoughts about the shutdown of the biggest network in country as well as surmised the possible draw its now vacant frequency has on top tier businessmen. 

In his essay, Ongpin specifically mentioned Udenna Corporation founder Dennis Uy, who was rumored to be expanding his business to media and entertainment, sparking suspicions that he was interested. The writer also goes on to explain Udenna’s connection to Federation of International Cable Television Associates of the Philippines (FICTAP) head Estrellia Juliano-Tamano, whose complaint provides traction for an anti-ABS-CBN sentiment.

However, in a short statement posted on the Udenna website, Uy vehemently denies that he or his corporation has any such takeover plans as this is “not part of their corporate direction. “Mataas ang respeto ko sa nagawa at patuloy na ginagawa ng ABS-CBN,” the businessman says.

Below is his statement in full: