Only Leni-Kiko campaign can use Ely Buendia songs—manager 2
Ely Buendia visited the office of Vice President Leni Robredo last November to personally give her a copy of Eraserheads’ 25th Anniversary Limited Edition on vinyl. Photo from Robredo’s Facebook page

Only Leni-Kiko campaign has permission to use Ely Buendia songs, says his manager

If you think you can just use his songs without consent, that’s maling akala.
ANCX Staff | Apr 13 2022

“Pag tumakbo si Leni.” 

With that 20-character tweet last September, a response to a fan’s question if there is hope for an Eraserheads reunion, Ely Buendia, iconic Pinoy rock figure, inspired excitement among devotees of the legendary 90s band and effectively made clear to all which camp he’s supporting in the May presidential elections. 

At that time, of course, Vice President Leni Robredo had yet to announce her bid for the presidency. She announced it a few days after, on October 7. Since that viral tweet—which admit it or not lent the Kakampink campaign a touch of rock star cool, and perhaps helped encourage other prominent bands to make their political colors known—Buendia has made two other appearances in the Robredo universe.

First there was a personal visit to the OVP in November where he gave Robredo a limited edition Eheads album, and next was that performance that ended the Leni-Kiko rally in Iloilo last February, where Ely sang the Eheads classics, “Pare Ko,” “Alapaap,” and “Ligaya.” 

The guy has pretty much made clear which camp he’s on, and yet he keeps hearing that a certain political candidate has been using his songs in campaign sorties without his consent, according to his manager Diane Ventura in a message to ANCX. Ventura chose not to name names but sent us this statement via Facebook Messenger: 

“In response to queries as to the usage of any of Ely’s compositions including ‘Pare Ko’—we’ve only bestowed explicit and unequivocal permission to use Ely’s songs upon Leni-Kiko’s campaign and at no cost. All others did not and do not have our permission or consent.”—Diane Ventura, manager

Ventura declined to elaborate on the statement.