The Chronicle will embody the Rockwell Land aesthetic with its transformation into an eco-friendly and energy-efficient building with spacious open spaces.
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The architects of Hudson Yards and Marina Bay will transform Benpres for the future

The Benpres Building in Ortigas is starting a long journey of transformation under the hands of some of the most imaginative designers in the world. First Philippines Holdings chairman Federico Lopez lays out the vision for what would soon be The Chronicle.
Federico R. Lopez | Apr 08 2019

Beyond being the headquarters of several Lopez Group companies, Benpres Building is home. Since its days as the Chronicle Building, it stood as a jewel amidst a then sprawling Ortigas Center.

Up until 2016, the building served as the home for Lopez, Inc., FPH, First Gen, and other Lopez Group companies. The Lopez Museum is still within its walls, but will relocate to Rockwell in Makati, particularly at the Proscenium.

The Chronicle is expected to rise in 2023.

As we have envisioned the building’s rebirth, it is much about paying homage to the past as it is paving the path for tomorrow. The Chronicle, as it will be called, harkens back to the Lopez Group’s heritage and stands high on where it is headed today and for generations to come. Its architecture is a contemporary take on the design of the original Benpres Building, based on the Philippine modernist style that was popular in the 1960s. The vertical lines signify the stability and resilience of the Lopez Group, which has stood the test of time despite trials and challenges through the years.

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The main drop off point.

New York-based architectural firm KPF or Kohn Pedersen Fox will help bring The Chronicle to life. KPF was behind several modern architectural wonders such as Hudson Yards in New York, Marina Bay Financial Center in Singapore, ICC Tower in Hong Kong, and the Shanghai Financial Tower.

Piki Lopez with the boardroom dog Corky.

The unique and dynamic facade of the tower is reminiscent of the textures of traditional Filipino fabric, a nod to the Group’s values of nationalism and Filipino spirit. It also features open and engaging interior and outdoor spaces to encourage employee wellness, as part of the Group’s thrust to improve the lives and welfare of its employees and their families.

View from Exchange Road.

As we aspire for a promising future for the Philippines, we inject new life in what we always call our home. The Benpres Redevelopment Project is a flagship undertaking of FPH and the Lopez Group. It envisions a refreshed look for the building to complement a vibrant and engaging working environment. It also entails a rejuvenated space to further enhance collaboration and interaction. FPH and First Gen president Giles Puno couldn’t have said it better. He shares that this will embody the Rockwell Land aesthetic with its transformation into an eco-friendly and energy-efficient building with spacious open spaces, surrounded by plants, and will provide a balanced mix of tenants to cater to the needs of various occupants

Generous open spaces characterize the new design. The office and commercial structure will provide a balanced mix of tenants to cater to the needs of its various occupants. 

Upon the project’s completion, FPH together with other Lopez Group companies will relocate back to The Chronicle. This tower is envisioned to be located on the Meralco Avenue side.

As we move forward, we don’t forget to look back on our roots. We owe a great deal of learning from the rich history of Benpres and how it taught us to endure. With this new structure on the rise, we will continue blazing the trails with our businesses to constantly uplift the lives of Filipinos through our distinct Lopez values. We honor the legacy that Benpres has bequeathed us, and we gladly entrust the next generation to carry on with this in mind. We are committed to establish The Chronicle as a symbol of the past, present, and future and as our guiding light on the path we chose to take.


Federico R. Lopez is the chairman and CEO of First Philippine Holdings Corporation. From Benpres: Stories Around A Landmark, edited by Vergel O. Santos. Published with permission. 


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