For the first time in a month, Vietnam reports no new COVID-19 cases today 2
Vietnam has been praised for COVID-19 methods, which include widespread disnfection efforts. Photo from Reuters

For the first time in a month, Vietnam reports no new COVID-19 cases today

Plus, slower rates in Australia and Spain, and John Krasinski creates a channel to promote good news. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN
| Apr 05 2020

As the world remains mired in COVID-19 case counts and alarming updates, it’s hard to look past everyone’s grim newsfeeds. But opening our eyes wider to a bigger world that is, albeit slowly, starting to stand up should give us hope—or at least an easier day. ANCX will regularly gather positive developments in different corners of the globe to show that, in trying to move forward, we can confidently train our eyes upward.

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Vietnam reports 0 COVID-19 cases today

For the first time since March 6, Vietnam has announced no new COVID-19 cases today. As of Sunday morning, the country has numbered 3,763 suspected cases with additional 70,000 being monitored or quarantined. Many have praised Vietnam’s methods in dealing with the virus, which include roving disinfection efforts and even a pop song. Their plan of action seem to be reaping results, with 90 cases of recovery and no deaths.

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John Krasinski launches good news show

American filmmaker and actor John Krasinski made a call on Twitter that led to an avalanche of good vibes. “Alright everybody, how about #SomeGoodNews! Send me the stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile!” he says in a tweet a two weeks ago. From the responses he got, Krasinski then created a YouTube show that is dedicated on spreading good news. In his first episode, he paid homage to frontliners, chatted with his The Office co-star Steve Carell, among other lighthearted segments.

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Number of COVID-19 deaths continue to fall in Spain

For the second day in a row, the number of coronavirus deaths has fallen in Spain, prompting its Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to say that they are “close to passing the peak of infections.” While Sanchez adds that they will extend lockdown measures for the European country, the government is also getting masks—a scarce resource in the country—for all citizens as a way of easing out of the said restrictions.

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First responders uplift each other in Florida

Amidst rising COVID-19 numbers in the US, many have done all they can to uplift one another during this crisis. One such example is the heartwarming gesture that a team from station 36 of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue did for their colleague who was recuperating from Covid-19. Last Friday, these firefighters drove up to their teammate’s hospital, and raised their truck’s ladder up to his room on the fourth floor. From the ladder, they showed their colleague Get Well Soon Cards and a sign that read: “Your new firehouse.”

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Daily rate of COVID-19 infections slows down in Australia

While confirmed cases have risen to 5,687 and the death toll has gone up to 34, Australian health officials are optimistic about the downward trend of their daily infections, which is now below five percent. This number is about a fifth from where Australians where in the middle of last month. Officials attribute this to its citizens adhering to social distancing guidelines, which include on-the-spot fines and possible jail terms in some of its states. 

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