Safety is topnotch in this 76-M smart home in Antipolo 2
The sprawling property has two electronic gates on both sides. Photo courtesy of Presello

No security or power outage issues in this smart, stylish P76-M Antipolo home

You won’t have to worry about security issues or power interruption in this smart home in Havila, Antipolo
ANCX Staff | Apr 03 2022

Have you seen a house so technologically advanced Tony Stark might consider living in it? This ultramodern home in, of all places, Antipolo, Rizal sounds and looks a lot like that home. It boasts sleek interiors and smart technology, stands on a 1,105 square meter property, and is on the market for 76 million—according to real estate broker Presello.

Havila Antipolo
The house has an open-plan design, mostly divided with glass partitions.

To enter this sprawling piece of property, you’ll first have to pass through its automated gates. Its spacious carport is equipped with a car charging station—which is great if you happen to already own a hybrid vehicle, or a Tesla—and its driveway can fit up to 10 cars.

Havila Antipolo
It has 30 CCTV and tracking cameras that can be monitored via smart devices. 

The main house door has a digital lock. Upon entering, a security camera with thermal scanner immediately welcomes you. A flatscreen TV monitor will at once alert the homeowner if there’s an unexpected guest or if a visitor is possibly infected with Covid.

Havila Antipolo
The master bedroom.

It has a full range security system—30 CCTV and tracking cameras that could capture an intruder’s face wherever he goes inside the property. All the smart home features could be controlled and automated using a tablet. If there’s an emergency, just hit the panic alarm button to automatically shut down the system, or send a signal to your neighbors.

Havila Antipolo
The kitchen is furnished with modern appliances.

The kitchen is fully furnished with modern equipment. The homeowner could even manage his grocery list remotely—say, keep track of the remaining food inside the fridge and get notified if something is about to spoil. The home also has clever features like motion sensing bathroom lights, which help conserve power and save on electric bill. Touchless tech also prevent the spread of germs.

Havila Antipolo
The home theater.

And what’s a smart home without a home theater, right? This one has an Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projector with 4K resolution, Theatre Surround Sound, complete with reclining leather couches for your viewing or gaming pleasure. You’ll never have to deal with power outages because it has a high-power generator that can power the entire smart home for over a month.

Havila Antiplo
The poolside and jacuzzi area.

The home has an outdoor jacuzzi and 14-meter infinity pool with underwater lighting and an outdoor bar and teppanyaki—perfect for lounging or holding intimate parties.

Havila Antipolo
The property also features an indoor bar.
Havila Antipolo
Workout area. 

 The house is located in a highly elevated area so it can get chilly at night. Which is why this smart home has an outdoor space heater to give off warmth in the area when necessary. Giving off a cool vibe to the outdoor space at night are LED strips that adorn its walls.
Check out this smart home’s amazing features through this YouTube video.

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Photos courtesy of Presello