You can get your hands on this LEGO Porsche 911 car starting March 20 2
The LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911

You can get your hands on this LEGO Porsche 911 car starting March 20

You can also order online!
ANCX Staff | Mar 10 2021

It’s that one Porsche many of us can afford, and it will be available at Lego Certified Stores (LCS) come March 20.

The toy—the LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911—“looks so detailed, you can almost drive it,” according to the luxury car brand’s YouTube Channel which has a video of the snazzy vehicle.

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The good thing is you don’t even need to go to an LCS branch to buy it because it will also be available on its online store which was launched two weeks ago.

LCS also offers free nationwide shipping for items labelled “D2C.” Orders within Metro Manila can be expected within three to five days while provincial orders will arrive within seven.

Ban Kee Trading, the official distributor of LEGO in the Philippines, has also launched a membership program in partnership with loyalty program provider ZAP. Starting March 1, fans can start earning points for every PHP 100 spent depending on the member’s tier: Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Customers can sign up for the membership program in any LCS branch through the ZAP app set up in the store’s tablet. All members will start at Silver, with a chance to instantly upgrade to Gold by paying PHP 500 which will earn an additional 50 points by filling out a customer information sheet.

For now, the loyalty program is available only for those who will shop in LCS branches. But online shoppers will be able to enjoy this privilege soon.

You can get your hands on this LEGO Porsche 911 car starting March 20 3

Members will have pre-ordering perks when the LEGO Creator Expert Porsche 911 drops on March 20 for PHP 7,999.75. This requires 100% down payment within 24 to 96 hours depending on the membership tier.

If you’re not a sports car fan, check out the LCS website, which carries all the items sold in LCS branches—including the Sesame Street LEGO set designed by Filipino filmmaker Ivan Guerrero.

While members and non-members alike can reserve items from any LCS branch, higher tier members will get longer reservation periods of up to 96 hours. Gold and Premium members also get an exclusive discount of 5% and 10%, respectively, on the first week that a new LCS exclusive item is released. Platinum members enjoy the most benefits including free delivery of reserved and pre-ordered items.

For updates and promos, visit the official LEGO website at and follow its official Facebook and Instagram accounts.