People wear face masks inside a shopping mall amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 in Tangerang, on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia, May 26, 2020. Photo by REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan

After a surge in cases in December, Indonesia is seeing a large decline in its daily Covid numbers

Meanwhile, the Philippines continues to see a rise in cases   
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Mar 10 2021

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Summary for the day

  • A little less than 3,000 cases was expected Tuesday because the daily data is two days late (not real-time). With 2,668 new cases reported, the Philippines now crosses the 600,000 mark with 600,428 total COVID-19 cases.
  • With only 7 new deaths reported, the case fatality rate holds steady at 2.09%.
  • The NCR continues to haul in 47 percent of the total cases in the country with 1,244 new cases. CALABARZON, Central Visayas, and Central Luzon accounted for 85 percent of the total cases in the PH.
  • On a provincial level, Cebu continues to lead.
  • In the NCR, Quezon City leads with 256 cases, Pasay City with 224 and the City of Manila with 170 cases. Other smaller cities like Muntinlupa sees a marked increase in their cases which lands it among the top 20 cities with most cases.
  • The province of Cebu continues to top the provincial list. However, two provinces in CALABARZON are seeing a surge – CAVITE and RIZAL, with 158 and 132 new cases, respectively.
  • Of the top 20 cities and municipalities with the most cases, 14 of the 17 LGUs in NCR continues to dominate the chart.

The World (March 08, 2021)

  • Fewer new cases were reported globally—351,861– as the usual weekend contributed to lower cases.
  • A total of 6,950 new deaths were reported and the case fatality rate stood at 2.22 percent.
  • Brazil has breached the 11 million mark and closed in to India, as the latter’s cases continue the downward trend and Brazil maintains its upward climb.
  • As the Philippines continues its upward trajectory for cases, Indonesia, reeling from a surge in cases in December 2020 has started to see a large decline in daily new cases including their 7-day average.