What to see at the fair. From left: a cocktail from Malabong Lababo, a peek into Paper Lantern, and merch from Bad Student.
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This co-working space inside a dimsum joint is opening its doors with a creative community fair

The new co-working space is making its entrance with a bang. Zines, art prints, bands and even tattoos—they’re all here.
Jam Pascual | Mar 07 2020

You wouldn’t expect a co-working space to be tucked away inside a siomai joint. But Kowloon House, and its neighboring bar Mows, have always been a hotbed for artists and musicians who, when they’re not raising libations to Ciudad, must be looking for places in the day time to do what they do.

So it makes sense to set up The Paper Lantern in Kowloon House, in Matalino Street of Teacher’s Village. The Paper Lantern is the latest coworking space to set its base in the north, and their swinging its doors open with Good Fortune: A Community Fair, happening this Saturday, March 7.

A strong bottled brew from infusion.

First on the agenda is drinks. For the caffeine heads, local brewer in • fusion will be selling some ridiculously strong cold brew. And for the daytime drinkers, you’ve got Malabong Lababo serving cocktails. Good Fortune takes place from noon to 8pm, so you’ll be picking your poison during golden hours.

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Zines and prints from risograph press Bad Student.

Next, they’ve got artists selling the goods you won’t find except in fairs like this: handmade ceramics by Plaster Master_, eco-conscious fashion by RIOtaso, artworks by Rob Cham, zines and prints from risograph press Bad Student, cassette tapes from United Cassettes, and fresh baked goods by Bearhouse Bread. There will even be a tattoo artist on hand! 

A plethora of offerings from United Cassettes.

Slots are officially full for Sophiya, who’ll be drawing from her flash sheet, but we’re told she might be able to squeeze in a couple walk-ins if time permits. You’ll also find more zines and even a makeshift ukay at Good Fortune. As you might be able to tell, it’s a whole smorgasbord of things with no single cohering element, save for the fact that all these goods are being produced and sold by independent, artistically autonomous creators.

To round it all off are some good tunes—expect an acoustic set from The Ridleys, mesmerizing dream pop from Breakfast Clouds, a solo set from Paula Castillo A.K.A. pcastlesss, and a DJ set by baby ikea. Quick tangent: The Paper Lantern is located in Kowloon House’s second floor, which used to be a real chameleon of space, accommodating everything from gigs to stand-up sets and even holiday parties. It’ll be a hell of a trip seeing the space, normally quiet and calm, turn into something revelrous for a day.

Postcards like these will be available at today’s community fair.

“The long term plan is we want to interconnect with different spots,” says co-founder Rosh Muñez. “Like a one-stop shop. You can eat, you can study, and then you can gig after.” The theme of interconnection is pretty much what guides the shindig that is Good Fortune—disparate groups gathering together are just a community waiting to happen. And even if you’re not from that side of town, you can still come through, cop some cool things, and feel lucky.


You can RSVP to Good Fortune: A Community Fair here.