A vial of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is pictured at Gleneagles hospital's vaccination exercise for health care workers in Singapore, Jan. 19, 2021. Photo by Edgar Su, Reuters

The Philippines reports close to 3,000 new Covid cases

The UK moves out of the top ten countries with most cases in a day  
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 28 2021

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Summary for the day

  • The almost 3,000 new cases (2,921) announced by the DOH, and a positivity rate that’s up at 7.8 percent, does not speak well of how the Philippines is managing this pandemic considering the various qualifications of lockdown parameters and quarantines – the longest recorded globally.
  • DOH reports 42 new deaths.
  • NCR hauled in 1,019 fresh cases, mostly coming from Pasay (170), Malabon (150), Manila (120) and Quezon City (119).
  • Central Visayas has 681 new cases, mostly from Cebu Province with 656 (96 percent) of the cases in the region. Cebu City contributed to 239 (36 percent) of the cases in the province. Lapu Lapu came in second with 152 cases for the province of Cebu.
  • Eleven cities in NCR and 4 cities in Cebu made up the bulk of the cases today.
  • Both NCR and Central Visayas alone contributed almost 60 percent of today’s cases. 
  • Updated OCTA Research Group reports the Rt in NCR is now higher at 1.43 with average number of daily COVID-19 cases over the week February 20-26 at 662 (up by 79 percent) versus the average two weeks ago.

This is similar to the rate of increase observed in Cebu City, Mountain Province and Benguet, where specimens of the SARS-CoV2 variant was identified based on genome sequencing. Over the last two days, NCR averaged 920 new cases per day. The last time the region had 900 or more case reports in one day was October 16, 2020.

The reproduction number in NCR is expected to increase now that the pandemic has taken hold in NCR. The positivity rate in NCR also increased to an average of 6 percent over the past seven days. The last time the region had a 6 percent positivity rate was October 2020.

Hospital bed occupancy in NCR is still low at 36 percent, while ICU occupancy is at 50 percent. However, bed occupancy is usually the last indicator to increase due to the time interval from onset of illness to hospitalization.

Philippine COVID-19 Update, OCTA Research Group, February 27, 2021

  • The breakdown for top 20 cities in the country shows Pasay City and Lapu-Lapu City as areas of major concern.

While Cebu City still had the most number of new COVID-19 cases (averaging 226 per day in the past 7 days), its trend has slowed down as the Rt in Cebu had decreased to 1.42. Lapu Lapu continued to have an increase in new COVID-19 cases while the hospital occupancy is at 77 percent.

Pasay, Manila and Makati had a significant increase in new COVID-19 cases. In Pasay, the average of 107 new cases per day was an increase of 365 percent compared to two weeks ago. This daily total puts Pasay at third highest in all LGUs in the Philippines. Pasay and Navotas are the two LGUs with a high attack rate in NCR.

Philippine COVID-19 Update, OCTA Research Group, February 27, 2021

  • As the numbers in the Philippines continue its upward trajectory, we will soon overtake Pakistan, a country twice our population and poorer than us. Pakistan is seeing a significant decline in new cases and new deaths.

The World (February 26, 2021)

  • The world now crosses the 114 million mark with 432,632 new cases recorded.
  • A total of 9,773 new deaths were reported, with the United States and Brazil reporting quadruple digits. The global case fatality rate is steady at 2.22 percent.
  • The UK moves out of the top ten countries with most cases in a day in yesterday’s global report.