The 10 most outrageous proposal stories we found online 2
Standing on thousands of chili in China.

The 10 most outrageous proposal stories we found online

Valentine’s Day is as much about love as Christmas is about the little drummer boy, but it makes a good case for the necessity of chocolates and roses. And it’s a pretty good time to talk about how a large romantic gesture—like the proposal—can service certain biological imperatives.
Bam Abellon | Feb 14 2019

Valentine’s Day is upon us. And so, the yearly scourge of heart-shaped cut-outs on every street corner, mall entrance, and office cubicle. You couldn’t escape it if you tried.

As jaded as people are about pop sentiment, there are those that embrace Valentine’s Day, all of it: the commitment, the passion and the madness—logic be damned.

Speaking of logic, check out these crazy proposal stories, which prove that sometimes love, and its expression, and man's imagination know no boundaries. 

1. The One With The Carrots

We’re going straight to crazy. In 2011, a video of a man who proposed to his girlfriend went viral because, a) the proposal was amusingly elaborate and b) the boyfriend and his backup dancers, aka extremely supportive friends, were dressed as carrots. In a report by Daily Mail Online, posted on August 2011, the girlfriend’s favorite color is orange. However, it is not clear—nothing is as far as this video is concerned—if the girl’s favorite color was the reason the boyfriend dressed up as this chosen vegetable. Anyway, she said, “Yes.” Here’s The Telegraph’s video of the event, which took place in China, to prove that it happened.


2. The One With The Jane Austen Fan

Jane Austen was one of the first proponents of the chick lit movement and is loved wherever a romantic exists in the world. The guy in this next story is one of those romantics. To propose to his girlfriend, the guy dressed up as Mr. Darcy, the snarky, handsome, and inadvertently funny protagonist in the classic Jane Austen book, Pride and Prejudice. Then he asked for the help of his girlfriend’s entire family to help him re-create the scene where Mr. Darcy proposed to his girlfriend Elizabeth Bennet. It was not an easy feat: the girl’s mother had to sew all the costumes, and everyone had to stay in character during the whole skit. Oh, Jane Austen, how you’ve spoiled us all.


3. The One With The 1001 Hotdogs

So the next wedding proposal goes like this: guy and girl meet at a store that sells hotdogs. Then, three years later, guy proposes marriage to girl using hotdogs. Chengdu Evening News of Chengdu, China, reported the event in 2014. According to the news, the guy used 1001 hotdogs to spell the word “love.” 1001 was a significant number for the couple as they had known each other for the same number of days. We’re not sure how to feel about this. But this article is making us hungry.


4. The One That's Like That Guy From That Movie

A guy planned his marriage proposal for 365 days. Yeah, that’s a (non-leap) year. That’s why we salute this guy. It’s not hotdogs-and-carrots crazy, but it’s not normal either. For 365 days, the guy took a video of himself with a white placard that said “Will you marry me?” in different permutations. On the actual day of the proposal, and with the help of their family members, he made his girlfriend watch the videos, while he stood behind her. Then he made her turn around, went down on one knee, and you know the rest.


5. The One With The Roller Coaster

Love—or life—is like a roller coaster, goes a famous adage. Was it the Red Hot Chili Peppers who dashed off this scintillating bit of wisdom, or Bon Jovi? Justin Bieber? Since authorship has been ascribed to several people, it must mean that a lot of people had said it, and a lot of people believe it. One such believer (or is it Belieber?) was this guy who proposed while he and his girlfriend were on a roller coaster. It makes sense, sort of. As the ride descended, the girlfriend was torn between crying and screaming. She said, “Yes.” Here we go, vertigo.


6. Those Two With Chilies On Them

There must be something about China and food—especially chilies. We found two marriage proposals that happened in China, which were both centered on chilies, and, of course, love. But mostly chilies. One guy created two huge hearts and a piercing arrow using red and green chilies. Another guy used chilies to make a chili-filled red carpet. That’s a lot of chilies, even for this one paragraph. Er, that’s hot?

The 10 most outrageous proposal stories we found online 3


7. The One With The Mario Brothers

This video got almost 8 million views on Youtube because it’s not only crazy, it’s actually romantic if you like playing the popular platform game Mario Brothers. The girlfriend, whose name is Pam, was playing the game, when she saw the bricks slowly forming the words, “Pam, will you marry me?” The video of the proposal, published by Retro Shaner, had the description, “Hope everyone enjoys just a bit of our special moment. Geeks do it better!” They probably do.


8. The One With A Lot Of Coding

And speaking of geeky, in 2012, a guy, dressed as Bender, a fictional robot from the TV show Futurama, proposed to his girlfriend using binary code. Literally, this is mental. For around three minutes, you cannot hear anything other than zeros and ones. According to, his girlfriend decoded the code in 30 minutes. We’re still trying to figure out how this whole idea came about.


9. The One With The Rock Band

In this marriage proposal, a guy goes up the stage with his girlfriend in the middle of rock band Black Stone Cherry’s concert. (The introverts are now cringing, but stay with us.) The band was kind enough to be involved in the whole act. The entire time, the girl thought they were onstage because they won a competition, until the guy awkwardly spewed out a few words and got down on one knee. It takes love to have guts of this magnitude. But it also takes guts to interrupt your favorite band’s concert!

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10. The One From The Philippines

In the Philippines, a guy pretended to lie lifeless beside a motorcycle in a staged vehicular accident. His girlfriend, upon seeing his body, rushed to his side wailing. Then he “rose from the dead” and proposed marriage. We guess there’s nothing like fake death to know we really love someone. Anyway, she said “Yes.”

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And another one (unfortunately, there’s more than two) from an unknown location:


Until death do us unite?

However funky, twisted, or original your heart is, we’re sure it’s in the right place. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ANCX.