Some of the speakers at the World Marketing Summit 2020 in Solaire (from left): Prof. Marc Oliver Opresnik, Laura Ries, Dominique M. Hanssens, and Sadia Kibria.
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This month, the Philippines will host the World Marketing Summit for the first time

Tackling the topic of 'Building Digital Economy through Marketing,' the global conference is set to attract a thousand participants. Its slate of speakers include distinguished scholars, professors, authors, executives, and even a former hacker.
Partner Feature | Feb 13 2020

This month, the World Marketing Summit will be held in the Philippines for the first time, a development welcomed by marketing professionals in the country.  

The Theme of this year’s Summit is “Building Digital Economy through Marketing.” To be led by Cherry B. Motil, WMS CMO and president of the International Modern Marketing and Association, the event will feature global and local speakers in the field of marketing, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and harnessing global appetite for mobile and e-commerce. There will also be an interactive discussion on the business challenges and opportunities in the 21st Century.

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The World Marketing Summit (or WMS) is an independent global organization, whose headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. Their mantra is “creating a better world through marketing,” and wants to engage global leaders and entrepreneurs to create a poverty-free world. It was founded by the “Father of Modern Marketing,” Prof. Philip Kotler in 2010 in Abu Dhabi together with Sh. Mubarak Al Nahyan. WMS strives to be neutral and unbiased, and is not tied to any political, partisan or national interests.


Global event

The annual WMS conference aims to bring brought global experts to discuss the most pressing issues faced by world, including marketing, business and economics impacting poverty, health and the environment. The Summit is in more than 20 countries including Japan, Canada, USA, India, UK, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

The first World Marketing Summit was held in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh with 60 speakers and it attracted 4,000 attendees. The 2nd WMS was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013, the 3rd WMS in Japan in 2014, the 4th WMS in Japan in 2015 and 5th WMS was also in Japan during October 2016. In 2017 WMS, happened in four countries including Canada, Bahrain, Korea, and Japan and in 2018 WMS was held in eight countries including Chile, Bolivia, Italy, Turkey, India, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

The Philippine event this month is part of its efforts in reaching their goal to be in at least 30 countries by this year. Some of the expected speakers include author and advertising consultancy firm co-founder Laura Ries; L├╝beck University of Applied Sciences professor and scholar Dr. Marc Oliver Opresnik; competitive and strategic issues in marketing Dominique Hanssens; French-Israeli neuroscientist, assistant professor of business, investor and former hacker Moran Cerf; and economist and Kotler Impact Inc. group CEO Sadia Kibria. 

A thousand participants from business and corporate world, academe, technical and technology agencies from government and private sectors, are expected to attend, drawing ideas and information that will impact the next generation. The event hopes to influence mindsets, support feasible actions for change, and craft operating models to improve economic wealth, environmental wellness and human well-being.


The World Marketing Summit 2020 will be held at the Theatre at Solaire Resort and Casino on February 22, 2020. For more information, visit