Funeral home workers carry a coffin to their vehicle after delivering a cadaver that is reportedly a COVID-19 case to Baesa Crematorium on April 2, 2020. Photo by Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News

The Philippines reports more than 2,000 new Covid cases

It’s been awhile since the Philippines passed the 2,000 mark.   
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 12 2021

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Summary for the day

Central Visayas took the spotlight in yesterday’s report as the number of cases there exceeded 400, with the province of Cebu bringing in more than 95 percent of the cases for Region VII. As predicted by the OCTA Research Group, the increasing cases in the province of Cebu and Cebu City and other major cities in the province would reach this number if more stringent health measures are not instituted sooner.

Cebu City had doubled its new cases per day since the middle of January. This increasing trend is also noted in Mandaue City, Lapu Lapu City and Talisay.

Over the past week, Cebu City averaged 155 new cases per day, up 38% from the previous week, with an attack rate of 13.6 per 100,000 and a positivity rate of 10%. Hospital occupancy remained at a moderate level. The trends in Mandaue and Lapu Lapu started to stabilize, but their hospital occupancy increased—to 47% and 64%, respectively. Talisay had a 73% increase in new cases and 59% increase in hospital occupancy. Valenzuela, like Talisay and Cebu City, had a two-week increase in new cases with a positivity rate of 14%. Cagayan de Oro had an increase this week after a low percentage the previous week. Davao City improved with a 46% decrease in new cases.

OCTA Research, February 12, 2021, Monitoring Report

It’s been awhile since the Philippines passed the 2,000 mark. Today is that day when we revisit this tipping point as 2,022 new cases and 26 new deaths are reported by the DOH.

The Philippines (February 11, 2021)

  • Central Visayas continued to lead with 429 new cases yesterday. The region alone was responsible for one-fourth of the cases in the country. The four other regions with triple digits were NCR, CALABARZON, Central Luzon and Davao Region. The total cases for these five regions alone accounted for 70 percent of the new cases in the Philippines on February 11.
  • Quezon City, City of Manila, Valenzuela and Makati were the top contributors to the pool of cases for the NCR with over 55 percent of the cases in Mega Manila.
  • Cebu Province continued its lead among provinces, with 7-10 times more cases than other provinces in the top ten. The province of Cebu accounted for over 94% of the cases for Region VII, with Cebu City responsible for more than 60% of the new cases for the province.

February 11 , 2021 (The World)

  • There were 396,509 new cases reported globally bringing the total past 108 million.
  • New deaths totaled 11,468 yesterday bringing the case fatality rate up to 2.2 percent.
  • The US continued its lead for new cases and new deaths, with more than 100,000 new cases. The US just broke the 28 million mark.