Health workers from the Philippine Coast Guard prepare during an inspection of a 'mega swabbing' center in May last year. Photo by Czar Dancel, ABS-CBN News

PH Covid numbers now closer to Pakistan which ranks 30th in countries with most cases

As the world sees a trend in decreasing cases and deaths in various regions, the struggle to bring down the cases in the Philippines is palpable.   
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 11 2021

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Summary for the day

The World Health Organization reaffirms our findings regarding the decline in global cases for COVID19.

Over 3.1 million new cases were reported last week, a 17% decline compared to the previous week. Although there are still many countries with increasing number of cases, at the global level, this trend is encouraging. The number of new deaths reported also fell for a second week in a row, with 88,000 new deaths reported last week, a 10% decline as compared to the previous week.—9-february-2021

And as the world sees a trend in decreasing cases and deaths in various regions, the struggle to bring down the cases in the Philippines is palpable. The country is currently stuck at an average of 1700 cases/day.

The DOH reports 1,734 new cases today, pushing the cases in the country closer to that of Pakistan which ranks 30th in the world. With 68 new deaths, the case fatality rate remains at 2.11 percent.

I am not including the numbers on the testing capacity and those that tested positive. There are several testing centers that do not submit on time and the data is not reflective of the actual number of cases reported the following day. The DOH should just delete this data from their infographics as it provides no added value to the information being presented.

The Philippines (February 10, 2021)

  • Central Visayas took the lead on a regional level yesterday with 373 new cases. The other three regions with triple digits included NCR, CALABARZON, and CAR. These four regions together accounted for 67.7 percent of the 1,345 new cases yesterday.
  • Quezon City, Valenzuela and the City of Manila continued to be major contributors to cases in the National Capital Region. The three LGUs alone accounted for almost 50 percent of the 293 cases in Mega Manila.
  • Cebu Province continued its lead among provinces accounting for 94 percent of the total cases for Central Visayas. Cebu City alone provided close to 60 percent of the total cases for the province yesterday.

February 09 , 2021 (The World)

  • The world recorded 442,412 new cases overnight. While slightly up, the 7-day average is below 425,000 new cases a day, as it continued its declining numbers seen over the past four weeks.
  • New deaths totaled 13,569 yesterday bringing the case fatality rate slightly up at 2.192 percent.
  • The US continued its lead for new cases and new deaths, but reported less than 100,000 new cases. On the other hand, the number of deaths reported exceeded 3,000 again, pushing their case fatality rate up to 1.732 percent.
  • Russia broke the 4 million mark with close to 15,000 new cases reported yesterday.