A person walks on an empty street as Netherlands has gone into lockdown as the spread of Covid-19 continues in Amsterdam, Netherlands December 15 2020. Piroschka van de Wouw, Reuters/File Photo

The DOH reports over 11,000 new recoveries from Covid in the Philippines

There are now 21 countries with more than one million cases as the Netherlands joins the list   
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 07 2021

[All local data are information downloaded from the Data Drop of the Department of Health. The author does not own any of the information except the analysis of all data. Global data are referenced properly from Worldometers.info, Ourworldindata.org (European CDC), World Health Organization (who.int), and the New York Times. Where appropriate, additional information may be culled from other references or health agencies.]


Summary for the day

Among the regions, Region VII reports the most cases for February 6. The province of Cebu accounts for 86 percent of the total cases in said region. Meanwhile, the city of Cebu is responsible for 50 percent of the total cases in Cebu province alone.

The Philippines remains steady with the number of new cases for the week as it maintains a reproduction number of around 1.0 on a national level. Some regions outside of NCR were seeing increasing cases. The unchanged number of new cases week on week is most likely due to the increasing cases outside of Mega Manila.

The world continues the downward trajectory for new cases. This is made even more noticeable by the fact that it is a weekend and we expect lower reports from many countries. However, new deaths continued to hover above 12,500 during the weekday, pushing the global case fatality rate past 2.18 percent.

The DOH reports 1,790 new cases and 70 new deaths today. The case fatality rate is now up at 2.08 percent. There were also more than 11,000 new recoveries, giving a total of almost half a million recoveries in the Philippines (93 percent).

For a granular breakdown of today’s cases, kindly refer to tomorrow’s report, as the DOH no longer posts the top five areas with most cases in their 4PM daily data drop.

The Philippines (February 06, 2021)

  • Central Visayas led the over-all tally on a regional scale with 18.2 percent of the total cases (358) for February 6.
  • Five regions reported triple digits: (in decreasing order) Central Visayas, NCR, CALABARZON, Davao Region, and Central Luzon. 
  • The bulk of new cases from NCR continued to come from Quezon City, the City of Manila, and Pasig City. These three cities accounted for 53 percent of the total cases in Mega Manila.
  • On a provincial level, the province of Cebu continued to lead with 308 new cases accounting for 86 percent of the cases in Central Visayas. Cebu City was responsible for 50 percent of the cases in the province of Cebu.
  • The provinces of Rizal and Davao del Sur also recorded triple digits in the tally for February 06.
  • Eight of 17 cities in Mega Manila landed in the top 20 cities/municipalities for the day. 

February 06 , 2021 (The World)

  • The world continued its downward trend in number of cases. The weekend global report revealed 417,246 new cases—a dramatic decline from the more than half a million daily cases a week ago— and 11.235 new deaths.
  • The case fatality rate continued to rise from 2.18 to 2.182 percent.
  • The United States continued to top all countries with highest number of new cases and new deaths per day, in spite of the low reports being churned out every weekend. The case fatality rate in the US is at 1.72 percent, it’s highest since the pandemic began.
  • There are now 21 countries with more than 1 million cases each. The Netherlands joined this group yesterday.


The week in review (January 31, 2021 – February 06, 2021)

  • The Philippines had relatively steady data compared to the previous week, with most of the rising cases being seen in the regions outside NCR. Central Visayas has been seeing increasing cases lately, occasionally topping the day with most cases among the various regions.
  • While testing has been averaging more than 30,000 tests per day, the positivity rate ranged from 4.5-6.5 percent the past week. To maintain a 3-5 percent positivity rate, the country would need to run more than 40,000 tests daily.
  • Globally, there is a dramatic downtrend in new cases being reported. Note in the graphs below the majority of nations that previously saw great numbers have seen a large decline attributable to stricter health measures being instituted in these countries.
  • This trend is also being seen in the Asian region except for the Philippines which remained steady compared to other countries that saw a significant rise in new cases in the past month. 

Vaccinations (as of February 05, 2021)

  • The United States, which has the most number of COVID19 cases, also led in the number of vaccine doses administered with close to 37 million doses being given.
  • The total number of people that have been fully immunized is also highest in the United States. However, not all countries have the same population size. Because of that, countries with fewer population will naturally achieve complete vaccination earlier (as long as the vaccine availability is equitable).
  • Israel, a country with a population of 9 million has almost 2 million people already fully immunized. This data should be interpreted with caution as one can see that Israel still has a high number of ongoing active cases (almost 25 percent) and new cases are also steady at more than 4,000 per day. Whether vaccines will actually bring down the case numbers in countries that have begun their vaccination program will need further analysis as vaccines begin their roll out this year.
  • While it is enviable that Israel has the most number of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it is one of the countries with the lowest total population.