It's a battle between Joie Every Stage Convertible Car Seat and Chicco Unico Newborn Car Seat on Lazada. Photos from Lazada

Here are the top selling baby car seats, according to Lazada

One of the country’s leading online shopping platforms shares with us their top-selling car seats from November 2020 to January 2021.  
ANCX Staff | Feb 06 2021

There’s a multitude of baby car seat brands and types parents can pick from online. At Lazada, two brands seem to stand out above the rest—if we’re going to base it on their current sales data (November 2020 to January 2021). One proof that these brands are selling big despite being a little pricey: they’re both currently out of stock.

Why do many parents prefer them? We’ll let the features speak for themselves. For tried and tested options, you can click on our previous story here. 


The frontal handle allows you to easily rotate the seat facing forward or rearward. Photo from Lazada

Chicco Unico Newborn Car Seat (birth up to 36 kg)

You can fit your child in this convertible car seat up to about age 12. Its Isofix feature provides a more secure and easier way of attaching the child seats in cars, according to the brand's website, while the Side Safety System ensures safety in case of lateral impacts. Once baby is about 9 kilograms, you have the option to install the car seat in forward facing position and adjust the five-point harness system. It also has an adjustable headrest, so it remains comfortable when your kid grows taller. As per the information on Lazada, the child and the car seat are secured by a 3-point vehicle belts.


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This Joie car seat features a multi-height headrest and harness system. Photo from Lazada

Joie Every Stage Convertible Car Seat (birth up to 36 kg)

This car seat also transforms to fit your growing child—beginning as a rearward facing seat from birth to 18kg, and converting to a forward facing seat from 9 to 36 kg. Its AutoAdjust side wings widen as the headrest is raised to custom fit growing little ones. It has five recline positions, and according to, the side impact protection provides added security for the head, body and hips. Both the cranberry and pewter shades are bestsellers.


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