WATCH: Wife lets funny husband voice her makeup video 2
(From left) Screengrab from Kat Llansang’s viral makeup tutorial on TikTok; with husband Angelo

Viral: Husband’s reactions to wife’s makeup video are making netizens laugh out loud

We met the couple behind the makeup video cracking up netizens right now
ANCX Staff | Feb 04 2022

What really goes on in men’s heads when their wives are putting on makeup? Flight attendant and content creator Katrina Lansang might have solved this age-old mystery when she asked her husband Angelo Carlo recently to annotate her makeup video on TikTok. In just five days, the post has already garnered nearly 1 million likes, 34,900 comments and over 24,000 shares. 


Letting my husband voice over my video 😂

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One can almost imagine our hero squinting while making heads or tails over each of the many steps it took to achieve Kat’s makeup look of the day. He mistakes her lip gloss for a roll on, he calls her serum honey, her makeup brush “walis tambo” and calls what looks like a red face-calming gel “gulaman.” “Maskara ba ‘to? Ba’t ang kapal?” he asks as Kat applies her liquid foundation. “Dahan-dahan lang sa ilong,” he reminds her, “bago lang yan.” 

“That was actually my idea,” Kat tells ANCX when we hit her up. “I always do my own voice over in TikTok and it seems like my viewers have gotten a little bored.” So she decided to shake things up a little. Since she and Angelo has done the “My husband did my makeup” bit on YouTube back in 2018, she decided to give the challenge a twist. “I wanted to make it as natural as I can,” offers Kat. “That's why I filmed it first. After filming it, I begged him to do the voice over.” Husband said yes and, believe it or not, did everything on a single take. 

Kat’s favorite quote in the video is the one that comes up towards the end, when he says “Kinaganda ba niya yan?” She thinks it’s hilarious, and so does a lot of people on her comments section. “Tawang-tawa ‘ko,” says TikTok comic Christian Antolin. “More voice over by the husband please! This made my day!” went another comment. Meanwhile, it seems the quote that really resonated was “Di pa ba tapos?”—which has likely been said by many husbands waiting for their wives to get ready. 

Flight attendant and content creator Katrina Lansang and husband Angelo Carlo
Kat describes her husband Angelo as the family's resident comedian. 

But while Angelo might sound impatient about and dismissive of his wife’s self-beautification routine, the guy’s actually really sweet (“I love it when he kisses me in the morning”) and is quite the supportive partner. “Every time I go to TV auditions, FA application, beauty pageants, he is always there for me. Lining up with me, waiting for me,” says Kat. “And cheering me on during difficult days. He is actually my life coach. He’s always there to give me life lessons.” 

Kat describes her husband as very hardworking, smart, responsible, a good father and a good husband. Occasionally, he’s also the family’s resident comedian. They enjoy traveling together, watching movies, drinking, and creating content for her TikTok and YouTube channel. 

Does she think most husbands react the same way as Angelo about their wives’ makeup routine? “I think so!” Kat replies. “You know how husbands are always ‘the look out.’ They always observe but they don’t comment or ask questions about what we are doing or what we are wearing. They’re always letting us do what we want as long as it gives us confidence!”

[Photos courtesy of Katrina Lansang]