A woman shows a vial of saliva collected for Covid-1 testing at the Philippine Red Cross in Port Area Manila on January 26. Photo from ABS-CBN News

The DOH reports lower number of new cases but posts higher new deaths than recoveries

Meanwhile, the world seems to be continuing its streak of lower numbers in terms of new cases
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 02 2021

[All local data are information downloaded from the Data Drop of the Department of Health. The author does not own any of the information except the analysis of all data. Global data are referenced properly from Worldometers.info, Ourworldindata.org (European CDC), World Health Organization (who.int), and the New York Times. Where appropriate, additional information may be culled from other references or health agencies.]


Even with fewer cases reported today by the DoH—1,583 new cases—we still managed to bring up the total active cases to more than 30,000 (5.7 percent) as the number of recoveries have been low.

As a matter of fact, there are more new deaths reported today than new recoveries (67 deaths vs. 39 recoveries). This brings the fatality rate up at 2.06 percent.

The national reproduction number is lower this week at 0.99 (0.97-1.01, 95% confidence interval). The NCR reproduction number is at 0.92 (0.89-0.96, 95% confidence interval), lower than the national average.

For a granular breakdown of today’s cases, kindly refer to tomorrow’s report, as the agency no longer posts the top five areas with most cases in their 4PM daily data drop.

The Philippines (February 01, 2021)

  • With 1,658 new cases reported yesterday, NCR owned 402 of the cases or 24 percent of the national total. And while cases in the various cities remained relatively flat, Quezon City, Caloocan City and the City of Manila came up as the top haulers yesterday.
  • Five regions had triple numbers. Outside of NCR, it was Central Visayas that led the group with 251 new cases, followed by CALABARZON, Central Luzon and Davao Region.
  • On a provincial level, the province of Cebu led with 243 new cases. 
  • Cebu City took the lead for cases on a city/municipality level with 100 new cases. Two other cities/municipalities in Cebu were among the top 20 cities/municipalities with most cases yesterday: Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City.

February 01, 2021 (The World)

  • The weekend is over and the data is encouraging. Yesterday, 392,565 new cases and 9,210 new deaths were reported globally. It is the 3rd consecutive day where less than 400,000 cases have been reported globally.
  • The global case fatality rate is steady at 2.162 percent.
  • The United States, while seeing lower cases, continues to lead in new cases and new deaths.
  • Note that even among the top 10 countries, the number of new cases is much lower with the 10th in rank raking in a little more than 7,000 cases compared to the previous months where this spot would have more than 15,000 cases.