This Twitter thread will make you prouder of Pinoy nurses 2
“I don’t know if it’s something in their training, but every Filipino nurse I’ve worked with has been a goddamn delight,” says comedian-turned-trainee doctor Nadia Kamil. Photo from ABS-CBN News

Know a Filipino nurse overseas having a bad day? Send her this Twitter thread

A tweet from Brit comedian-turned-trainee doctor Nadia Kamil began an outpouring of recollections about Pinoy medical frontliners
RHIA GRANA | Jan 20 2022

If you’re a Filipino nurse working overseas—or you happen to know one—who’s having a particularly challenging or dispiriting day, this thread on comedian-turned-trainee doctor Nadia Kamil’s (@NadiaKamil) Twitter account is a perfect pick-me-upper.

Earlier this week, the British actress (“BBC Comedy Feeds,” “Stella,” “Buzzard Hollow Beef”) who’s doing her medical training at the NHS (National Health Service) tweeted an appreciation post for Filipino nurses. “I don’t know if it’s something in their training,” the post read, “but every Filipino nurse I’ve worked with has been a goddamn delight.”

What followed was an outpouring of touching reactions from Kamil’s followers, a very positive and uplifting sharing among healthcare practitioners, patients, and their families about their firsthand experiences with Filipino medical frontliners.

Filipino nurses have been generally described as very skillful, dependable, caring, welcoming, generous, compassionate and kind. They are also well-loved for their great sense of humor, as well as their pancit, their adobo, their kare-kare.

An ENT surgeon said Filipino nurses are “the best, hands down,” adding that he does operating lists and clinics on Saturdays “with a team almost entirely consisting of Filipino nurses and they’ve got what I need before I know I need it.”

A senior nurse also has words of admiration for Filipino/Filipina RNs. “Their knowledge and skills always amazed me when I was a student nurse, I had an amazing mentor,” she wrote.

Filipino nurse
A medical practicioner says Filipino nurses' “ability to predict needs is incredible” and that their care, dedication and love are exemplary. Photo from ABS-CBN News

An advanced care planning (ACP) trainee admires the Pinay nurses’ extensive training in all specialties. A GP trainee praises “the calmness they bring to worst chaotic work places.” Another medical practitioner said Filipino nurses’ “ability to predict needs is incredible” and that their care, dedication and love are exemplary.

An adult psychiatrist said she relied on a Filipino male nurse to take care of her grandfather during the last months of his life. “He brought so much comfort & more importantly joy to his life & took a huge burden off my grandma’s shoulders with his diligence & can-do attitude. I’m still v grateful many years on.”

Another commenter said a Filipina nurse looked after his dad who was already in his deathbed. He saw the lady’s kindness and compassion until the end. “In his final hours, she came and sat holding his hand for a while when her shift ended,” he shared.

Meanwhile, an obstetric anaesthetist pointed out how our nurses are also very generous in sharing Filipino food. “I had some kare kare made specially for me after I said I liked peanut sauces,” the doctor tweeted. 

A father to a five-year-old girl in need of a heart transplant said the Filipino nurse attending to his child has been “absolutely brilliant, friendly, helpful.”

Going through cancer treatment was undeniably tough, but a patient says his Filipino RNs always made him smile. They are known for giving much needed lightness to very heavy situations.

The thread which already has 1915 retweets and 16.4 likes as of this writing has apparently reached our Filipino nurses, among them the co-chair of the UK MS Specialist Nurse Association, Mavis Ayer. She said the tweets came at a perfect time as they are currently in a difficult state of affairs.

Another Filipino nurse says the kind words are a source of relief to homesick souls like her.

While the thread has been uplifting to many, it’s also sparking a sobering discussion. Our nurses are these excellent bunch of medical professionals, but they remain the lowest paid among their Southeast Asian counterparts (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Truth is, many of our Filipino nurses who still work in the Philippines remain overworked and undervalued.